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Me:[sitting down and hugging my daughter] We are twins today.
The Girl: [looking from me to herself] Because we are both wearing baggy clothes?
Me: [wrinkling up my nose a bit] No, I was thinking that it was because we are both wearing black and Grey… but I guess our clothes are a bit baggy too.
The Girl: Yeah, they are really baggy.

The first thing that crossed my mind when we were having this conversation was that I had thought I had looked good when I got dressed that morning. I had thought that the shirt was a bit big, but I figured it would shrink in the dryer at some point, but overall I thought I looked really good decent.  I had tried not to look like a frumpy mom that day.  I had tried to dress up a tiny bit.  I had been excited that I could fit back in those pants that I had put up in the closet for “when I finally lost enough weight to wear them again as pants and not spandex”.


Then it dawned on me…  The pants were baggy!  I looked frumpy because the pants were baggy.  The pants that were like spandex last fall… were baggy!  I could have kissed my daughter for helping me realize that my frumpy appearance was a good thing.  It was evidence that I had lost the weight I had gained in the past year…and not only that but I may even have lost more weight than I realized.  Yay!