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It is Monday… That in itself usually puts me down in the dumps.  So instead of complaining or letting the glum ruin my night, I am going to try and thing happy thoughts.  I mean I heard this is what you are supposed to do, right?

A Whole Lot of Stupid

Knowing there are other people out there that are as stupid or maybe more stupid than I am…makes me happy.  Maybe it is something like Misery, “Stupid loves Company.”  You see pictures like this one make me smile.
He thinks this will make for a funny picture, but it seems a bit risky to me.

Sometimes I head over to The Chive for a laugh and a daily dose of randomness…

Today, I found bad tattoos.  I admire people who get tattoos.  I personally cannot stand needles and so the thought of getting one makes me queasy, but I have lots of friends with tattoos and really good ones at that.  There are some great tattoo artists that amazing and are artists!  I have to admit a bad tattoo makes me laugh.  I guess it makes me laugh because it is permanent.  You mess up your hair, it grows back.  A tattoo lasts forever or at least until you go through a painful tattoo removal procedure or get it covered with another tattoo.  This one made me laugh out loud.

I think it is Partrick Swayse... as a centaur. The rainbows make it outstanding though.

Hearing My Husband Laugh

What makes him laugh… stupid stuff.  I guess that is why I married him.  Tonight, he laughed hysterically at Jackass (movie clips).  The one that got the most laughs…

Warning:  Those with sensitive stomachs or have issues with profanity may want to not push play.

For some reason it is hard not to smile when my husband thinks something is really funny.  He just gets so happy and excited about it. I will admit, I did laugh too.  Of course, that was after the bile settled back into my stomach.

My husband also cheers me up by just being him.  He tolerates my TV show choices and sometimes I think he actually enjoys them.  I do know that The Sing Off is not one of those shows that he kind of enjoys.  While watching “The Sing Off” tonight, he remarked “If you really want me to freak the f*** out, then book me a room in the hotel where all those contestants are staying!”  I could not help but laugh.  He continued his rant by pointing out the group singing in the elevator, the lobby, and the bathroom.  He would go insane, and it would end up to be a meltdown that would “The Sing Off” history.

My Kids Craziness

I will admit that there are times where my kids drive me a bit bonkers.  They can bicker and whine.  They can sometimes drive me bananas when they balk at the small thing I asked them to do, but they also bring me immense joy.  The Girl is so very creative and her random thoughts alone can brighten my day.  Don’t even get me started on some of the randomness that the two of them put on paper.  They are awesome.

Tonight, as my daughter read to me (her required 15 minutes for Book It), she made me smile when we read her Barbie book.  Actually, her book was about a Barbie’s daughter (yep, she has a daughter…in middle school…I felt a brief moment of feeling really old) and how they adopt a puppy who will be a seeing eye dog.  She looked at me and commented, “I suppose we couldn’t get a puppy like this, huh?  Daddy would not be happy, and it is not only because he does not like blind people, but he also doesn’t like dogs very much.”  I just smiled, and said “oh, I don’t think it has to do with not liking blind people or puppies…it is just that I think he thinks we got enough animals.”  I do understand my husband’s position.  We have 1 dog, 2 cats, and 4 fish.  That is enough animals for any one house.  My daughter is an animal lover though and so I can only smile at her want for another dog.

In fact, today my daughter got off the bus holding something invisible in her hand. She told me that she brought Maddie to school with her. This is considerably disconcerting because Maddie was our dog… that died 2 years ago.  I guess now she is a ghost and will be accompanying our daughter to school.  I am monitoring the situation…I hope this is just an invisible friend type of thing.  Really, hoping that it is. Maddie, the ghost, has not hung out with us since she went to school with her, so I am crossing my fingers that tomorrow will be imaginary friend free.

So after the laughs, I am back to work… and feeling like more like myself.  I hope that if you had a bad day, you will find this post and it will cheer you up too.  If it doesn’t, please share what you do to turn around your frown.

Additional Edit… Thank goodness I have a husband who spends way too much time playing on the web… I found out that the first website I posted did not have all the information about the picture.  It cheered him up to be the hero, so the post did its job.