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Yesterday, I went to a Tastefully Simple Party with the intention of just getting more of that Almond Pound Cake (although I did pick up some other things), but ended the day trying out  Wildtree, their rival direct-sales company whose products are sold through home Tasting parties (Wildtree worded it so much better than I could).  Wildtree is most widely known for their Grapeseed Oils (which are expeller pressed and that means more environmentally friendly and healthier), and of course I did not buy any of the oils because I have a small rebellious streak that made me shy away from what the company is best at!

I should admit now that when something is marketed as healthy, I often interchange that with the word “gross” or “tasteless”. For example, here is a post from eatinghealthyfoods.org

You Don’t have to Give up Snacks

Also, many individuals who attempt to lose weight think they have to give up snacks. There are a variety of healthy tasteless food snacks that are under 100 calories. For instance, you can eat a piece of fruit or some berries, or eat some raw veggies with a small bit of yoghurt that’s been mixed with herbs. What’s nice about eating more healthy  gross foods is the fact that you can become quite creative in both your meal preparation and snack planning.

It is a problem that I am trying to work through… I know I need to eat healthier.

Furthermore, Wildtree has a variety of gluten-free foods.  This is great if you have a child with wheat allergies (such as my son), but because of my son’s allergies I also have the tendency to think the opposite of what the advertising tells me on these products. I will share another example how I would read an ad (although I keep the brand to myself)…

A top selling gluten-free bread made with white rice flour. The White Rice Loaf makes a great mediocre white bread alternative. Perfect Slightly better when warmed up or toasted, and makes for great  dry and almost uneatable sandwiches. For first-timers and seasoned travelers, Gluten-free Company offers this bread in convenient two slice packets.

Actually, I used to buy this bread for my son.  I also thought we should all eat wheat-free to be fair to my son, but when my daughter (age 4 at the time) screamed “it bit me” when she took a bite of her sandwich made with this bread… I (the great mother I am) agreed to let The Boy suffer alone.   Although, it is a necessary dietary choice for people with Celiac Disease and Wheat allergies… I was thankful when my son outgrew his wheat allergy.  I will also admit that you do grow a taste for Gluten-free products when that is all you eat.  In fact, I did find myself saying certain brands or specific products were just like the gluten infused counterparts on more than one occasion.  My husband (who never fell in love with the G-F diet) stayed the voice of reason and would gently remind me by saying “What crack are you smoking, they are definitely not just like the regular ones.”

So when my friend told me she started selling Wildtree and wanted me to come to her Open House, I was a bit hesitant about what I would find.  The food she prepared was very tasty.  I will admit that I skipped the opportunity to taste the gluten-free pizza, because I have had my share of it and so I left it for those who have not had the opportunity to try it.

Once I sat down with the catalog, their “Just Like Mom’s Meatloaf” called to me and I decided to try it. At 5.95, the price was not too bad (but you will need more more ingredients than just the ground beef). It requires: 2 eggs, milk, soy sauce, and ketchup (or chili sauce) in addition to the mix. When I opened the package yesterday, I knew it was not going to be just like my mom’s meatloaf because the mix had granola in it. I don’t remember granola in my mom’s, but I suppose someone’s mom must use granola so I was still hopeful for a yummy meatloaf.

I served it with steamed broccoli and it ended up being a hearty meal.  It also was fairly tender even though I forgot to add the ketchup before cooking (which I am sure would have sealed in the juices and made it more tender).

It was easy to make (less than 5 minutes to prepare) and was good enough to get a post on twitter from my husband.  Furthermore, it made for some good leftovers.  It also turned out to look a lot like the picture on the box, which is a really good thing!

I did like it.  It tasted like meatloaf, although the granola bits added a bit of an extra chewiness to the meatloaf that I was not used to. It was not a bad sensation, but rather an unexpected one.  Overall, it felt like a healthy version of meatloaf made by someone else’s mom.  A mom far more health conscious than my own mom’s meatloaf was.

So I liked it.  I can’t say I loved it.  I definitely did not hate it.

I will possibly pick it up again.

Wildtree has a variety of other mixes and marinades for me to try, so I think I will venture to try some other ones before coming back to this one. In fact, I have some of their pumpkin bread mix in the pantry now and the Fall weather is beckoning me to make it soon.