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My son discovered a new love… videos of people playing games on youtube.com. I will admit sometimes the commentary borders on entertaining, but really?

He was very excited to show me the videos and I am sure hoped I would be equally as enamored with them.
I was not… actually it reminded me of college when you hung out and watched your boyfriend play video games.
I remember it like the scene on The Big Bang Theory (sorry, embedding is disabled). This is a really funny clip so I am a bit bummed. When my husband and I first started dating, I remember many nights of watching him and his roommate play video games (although I do not remember any times that they would have passed up sex or a night with pretty girls).
Yeah, it really looked like this…

I do enjoy this clip of Peter Griffin playing Xbox though…

and this clip reminds me why I don’t venture into the gaming world (with the exception of Rock Band), because I think I would be about as good at the game as he is.

Edit: Originially, I used the word voyeur in the title… thinking it was watching others doing something and gaining pleasure from it (mainly because I could not think of another word that suited). It appears that the word is linked to heavily to sex… which is one form. So I changed it to the longer title. Of course now I am curious if there is a word that I could have used… so if you know one please comment. It will bug me all night, I am sure.