Excited and Cleaning are usually not combined in any sentence from my mouth, but alas I am pretty excited.  We have been away for two weekends in a row and so the house is in need of a big cleaning mission.  My daughter’s room and my office are the worst and on the top of the list.

My daughter’s room…

I have often played around with writing a kid’s book about the messiness of her room.  It is a magical place that reverses any attempts of cleaning and organization.  I can spend 5-6 hours cleaning and organizing it and within one hour it looks like I have never crossed the threshold.  Personally, I think that is one of my daughter’s talents.  She is so creative that she cannot just play with one item.  She also is obsessed with making her American Girls stuff often being very green by reusing stuff that we were going to put in the trash. 

Although, I love her initiative…it is sometimes hard to know what is trash and what is an ipod when they are scattered all over the floor.  Tonight, she made them books from the scholastic order forms that were sent home from school.  The girls are lucky tonight, it is like they just went on a book shopping spree.

The most unique thing about my daughter’s room is that she keeps some areas clean and organized… so if you look at her room through a small peep hole (like on a camera) it may appear clean.  Thus, if I wanted I could provide pictures that would make you believe she keeps a clean room (because I have mastered the art of cropping pictures).

Here is a picture of how she uses her new bookshelf….

…but if I were to move a bit further back you can see why her room is a priority for us to clean.

She has a great reading chair…

And if you move a few steps back, you can see why I twist my ankle when I try to read with her there.

When I was taking these pictures, she came into the room and asked me what I was doing.  She is not happy about the idea of cleaning it.  I told her I was taking before pictures.  She looked at me suspiciously and said “Before what?”  I told her before we clean, so we can see the difference.  At the mentioning of cleaning, she reminded me it was time for dinner, and chaperoned me out of her room.  I cannot believe she is only 7, I think I will be in for it when she hits her teens.

My office

Now, I don’t want you think I am just picking on my daughter.  The apple does not fall from the tree.  My room looked equally as bad when I was her age.  I also think I taught her the tricks of the trade when it comes to keeping some parts of the room organized and then piling up anything that does not have a home on the floor.

A case in point would be my office.  When I quit work, I had to clean out all my stuff from my office.  So all that stuff landed in my home office.  What this means is I got a lot of stuff that needs a home.  I also have my “pockets of cleanliness” within the mess of my office.

Now we take a few steps back and we see where my daughter got her organization skills from (and this is why there was no hesitation giving me a label of ADHD)…

This is why these are the two rooms that will be “made over” this weekend.

I worry that two days will not be enough time, but I am going to give it my best effort.  It looks like I will get my work out running stuff up to the attic.