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I decided that dinner time would be a great time to include the kids in Ask a Stupid Question Day activities. The only rule was that noone could not say the question is stupid.

My daughter started off with asking my husband what his name was.

My son came up with some questions that only a 5-year-old can…

Question 1:  What is the stupidest head in the world?

Question 2: What’s a bootyface?  He answered it himself (which is technically one of my criteria for stupid questions) by referring to some new cartoon, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, and the “booty face” in it.

image via dragoart.com

I cannot remember the question, but I answered “Obama,”  because I know my daughter loves Obama and thought it would be fun to see her get irritated at me.  She did…giving me the stink eye.

So I asked her my stupid question… “Which is stupider the Democrats or the Republicans?”  I know this is not the best question to ask a 7-year-old, but my daughter is obsessed with presidents and so she does have some knowledge.

She answered “hmm, I think Republicans.”  Since I was raised by a republican from Indiana and someone who never votes… I was pretty much raised Republican.  What this means is that I have panic attacks when I tried to vote for a Democrat (unless Jerry Brown runs for president- because I think I can overcome my issues to vote for him).  This is where the conversation went from stupid questions to politics (and the kids checked out)…

Me [jokingly]:  Oh my, I am raising a liberal.

My Husband: Oh, I hope not.

Me [shocked] Really, you don’t want her to be a liberal.

Then he went into how he does not like it when anyone identifies with a specific party or ideology, and well I don’t remember the specifics except that he thinks it makes people contradict themselves and how he feels differently about different issues and thus bases his opinions on the issues rather than a label.

Me:  Well, you know that I consider myself a liberalatarian.  I am pretty liberal when it comes to social issues, but tend to be conservative fiscally.

My husband [raising one eyebrow]:  You are only talking only talking in terms of the government, right?

Me:  Yes, I was about to add that.  I am not really that conservative when it comes to our personal finances.  Point taken.

Yes, my husband had the last laugh.  Who would have thought my fun family discussion idea would have generated such a discussion, especially because usually my husband and I shy away from any political discussions (at least the serious ones anyway).