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My favorite feature of my blog is the list of search terms that people used to find me. It gives me a list for each day and I find them to be an endless source of entertainment. In fact, I find them to be way funnier than most people do. I know this because I share them with my husband and he doesn’t usually laugh… or maybe he is laughing on the inside (at least that is what I tell myself). Anyway, I figure I would share them with you guys and hopefully you will laugh with me.
Today’s list is what made me want to share.

Okay, I can see that.  I wonder if they were disappointed when I did not have a picture of my fat ass in the kitchen.  Note to self… somebody out there wants a picture of me in the kitchen (or at least my butt).

Sometimes, I do wonder if the person who clicked on the the link got to the blog and was disappointed that it did not give them what they were looking for.  I think this person had to be disappointed…

Unfortunately, I have not posted any pictures of Rachel Ray yet… until now.

I think I exceed their expectations with this one.

I do wonder what made that person wonder enough about that to search for it.  Was it a girl like me that wondered or hoped that she looked like I do in a swimsuit.  I mean she cooks for a living, maybe she she also would not be caught dead in a bikini.  Well, obviously she can pull a bikini off.  Then I thought maybe it is a guy who wanted to see if she had a good body… I think that is the case.  Of course, if you were the person that searched for this and happen to check again… please comment.   My curiosity is getting the best of me.

This one was another interesting search that may have left the searcher disappointed if they were curious about Chewbacca…

…but if they were wondering about my husband’s hands then I think they got a good shot.  He would probably tell you that his hands are way bigger than Chewbacca’s (and I let him think that).

Other searches were more spot on…

Especially if they were looking for a post on National Ask a Stupid Question Day (which is today).  By the way, I have my stupid questions ready… Here is a sneak peek…

Why do I stay up late writing posts about stupid questions?

Oh, I will have more tomorrow.  I told my kids that tomorrow they were allowed to ask me and my husband as many stupid questions as  they wanted… so I figure it will be a long night and I will have lots to share.

I saved my favorite search for last….

This search just baffles me.  I just cannot see what they were after with this search… A spongebob tampon?  Tampons that spongebob may use?  Although, last I checked Spongebob was a man… or is he?  I had to try this search out for myself.  I did find something that may be what they were looking for.

Image found on weheartit.com

I get it, I think.  In the end, all searches will lead back to Yahoo Questions

(BTW I doctored this in Pixelmator… for the full list of answers you will have to use the link)

Have a wonderful “Ask a Stupid Question Day!”

Oh… I also want to thank you for stopping by, even if you are disappointed that I did not have the information you were looking for.