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In our house, “Rock, Paper, Scissors” is a bit more complicated.  It started out with just the main three, but my kids added a few more options making it that much harder to win a game when playing with them.

Do you know what blows up the rock, paper, or scissors?  Dynamite, of course.  If someone puts out their pinky then watch out… no matter what you have… you are gone. BOOM!

Today, another hand symbol was added to the ranks of the game.  The Boy got tired of losing with the 3 boring symbols and got a bit confused when trying to get out his pinky.  Thus, the Light Saber was born.  The Light Saber will slash through your rocks, split your scissors, and obliterate your paper. What happens if you throw out a light saber too?  Well, you get to have a light saber fight.  Fun for all!

The real question is who wins the battle between the light saber and the dynamite.  I guess it will depend on who throws out what.  My guess is whatever the kids threw out will be the winner.  Personally, I think that the light saber has nothing on the dynamite… but in the game this morning the light saber was able to cut the wick off of the dynamite and win.