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When I was around 10 years old,  I saw a movie on TV that instantly became a favorite of mine.  Shockingly, this movie was The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” I was too young to understand what the movie was actually about… in fact I thought it was called “The Best Little Warehouse in Texas” until I decided I wanted to find it and watch it again when I was in college. It was a shock to watch the movie through adult eyes.  I aspired to be like Dolly Parton when I was younger… my mom shut down my dreams of being Dolly Parton at an early age.  I still remember her telling me that I could never be Dolly because I would never have her chest (this was before plastic surgery was around and offered the chance for me to have her chest if I wanted it).  Dolly Parton’s Warehouse was a magical place through the innocent eyes of a child… She did not work, she had lots of fun with her other warehouse workers and they really knew how to throw a party.

I have not seen the movie in years, but last week as we drove home from the wedding, “The Aggie Song” got stuck in my head.  My twitter followers  were alerted to my frustration as I attempted to get the song out of my head, but was denied any catchy music through the local radio stations in the rural part of Virginia.

Today, we headed to my parents house in Northern Virginia.  That dang “Aggie song” got stuck in my head again! There I was stuck in the car with my husband (who was sweating profusely due to taking a challenge to eat sushi laced with Ghost Chili Peppers) and maybe his sweating was the catalyst to my memory of those Aggie boys, but there I was singing the song again in the car.

75 miles until we get to heaven

75 miles until plans are laid

75 miles until we get to the Chicken Ranch where history and Aggie boys get made. 

So if you are curious to what my husband had to endure (for two weekends) check out the song (warning:  There are some men’s bare butts in the video)…

I know,  my kids and husband must be great people not to throw me out of the car.  I think that it is a plus that it only takes over my mind in cars, because it would be far more embarrassing to break out into this dance (unless I become part of a flash mob…which will never happen).

Well, in my attempt to share this beauty of a song with you guys I came across something magical…

This is from the 1997 Mr. All American pageant (the link  is not for the same pageant, but I suppose it is similar).  I don’t know why this pageant did not receive more attention!  Seriously, these boys can dance… or rather attempt to.  I wonder where they are now… maybe one of these boys is the front man for a rock band or is a famous actor (or reality star).  Unfortunately, we missed this year’s pageant. I know I was terribly disappointed too.

So, you see my pain!  I wish I knew why each time I get in the car for a long car trip I spend it singing this song in my head.  It would make a whole lot more since if I was headed to a pole-dancing competition rather than the National Book Festival.

Are you harassed by songs that nest and embed themselves in your mind?  If you are hopefully this is not the one you are singing, and hopefully you are not like me and feel the need to sing it out loud.

P.S.  There is only one song that I think I would like to have in my head less than this one right now…

Great… I guess I deserve to have that stuck in my head now.