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My house is a mess and honestly I don’t know when I will have time to do it.  I have had lots of after-school stuff to do and our weekends are equally as busy…

It is days like this that I wish I was a witch like Samantha from Bewitched…

I would have such a clean house if I could just wiggle my nose and wave my arms each time I wanted to clean up something.  That is my biggest problem… I know what needs to be done and I want it done.  I want everything done and now (my shrink says this due to my impulsivity and I think this is due to my impatience… but really who knows?)  So, I do a little bit of everything while never completing anything.  I have noticed that everything is more exciting than what I am doing (especially when I am supposed to be cleaning).

Dr. Peter Jaksa explains this point in his article, The Disorganized Adult.

It’s been said “The best way to get nothing done is to try doing everything at once.” For many adults with ADHD, this is not just a truism but a maddeningly frustrating way of life. 

I completely agree with the statement and agree that it is maddening.

I just want things to be done… and preferably done with magic.  Is that too much to ask?