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I love my son’s Kindergarten teacher.  Honestly, she is amazing!  She posts lots of pictures and deals with moms like me that forget to send stuff like important papers back… or lose their kids folders (just to find them when they get home in a place I swear I checked).

Tonight was “Back to School” night and so I attended to find out how things were going for my wonderful progeny.  Luckily, it seems to be going well.  Most of the information was typical… fundraisers to do, sign ups for this and that, help with materials and other wish list items.

Although, my son’s Kindergarten teacher shared that the kids needed to work on listening better.  She told us that this is expected  for this time of year and it is due to the fact that most of them are 5 years-old… and well they are learning how to do this whole school thing.  I completely understand it too, because listening is not one of my strong suits (hence my facebook status post during the PTA meeting) and  I also like to talk.  My husband will attest to that.  Shockingly enough, my kids must have inherited that talking (at inappropriate times) gene from me and also like to talk.  Thankfully though, my kids are pretty good at school.  They slip up sometimes, but overall I have not had too many complaints (at least with The Girl).

So here is the thing… I think that evil twin may still be lurking because I just got an evil thought.  My son has this shirt (which I think is quite fitting) and I so want to put it on him tomorrow.

I know…. I am not going to put him in it.  Although, I think she would totally get my little joke.  It may also help him out, so when he is not listening he can just point at his shirt as an excuse.

To me this shirt is funny (because it is true), but there are a host of other shirts out there that are way more obnoxious and may send the wrong message to the teachers working with my kids.

This one doesn’t admit to anything… How dare we falsely accuse!

(source unknown)

Felon in training.


I would definitely get a call if I put him in this one (by the way, this one comes in toddler sizes).


What?  You did not know that school turns people into frog-looking zombies?  Well, now you do.