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It was a very exciting weekend for our family.  My husband’s cousin Amy got married. She was beautiful bride and the men looked handsome in their grey tuxedos.

The Happy Couple! Congratulations Amy and Andrew!

What a beautiful girl and view!

The setting was picture perfect too!  It was at a picturesque inn called the House Mountain Inn in Lexington, VA.  Check out the view from the deck (and how adorable my girl was that day).

They got married outside by a little man-made pond under a wooden trellis.  You can kind of see the set up behind my daughter being silly in this picture.  

They decorated with flowers that were inspired from the inn.  I loved the mason jar vases that lined the seats during the ceremony.   Although my son felt the chairs needed a bit more decoration…

The chairs needed just a little something to be more festive.

(Yep, those are post-it tabs… He said he was bored and they offered 5 minutes of entertainment)

The centerpieces were even more personalized.  The wood “chargers” were cut from a tree that came from my husband’s grandparents’ property.  We even got one of the chargers to keep.  

The best part of the wedding according to my kids… The table of sweets!  

What a fabulous idea!  It was a hit with all the kids (and adults).

We were even part of the festivities.  The Girl was a greeter and handed out programs and reminded people to sign their guest book.  My husband was the videographer.  My son was part of the entertainment…

My son entertained (and kicked many heels and legs) with his breakdancing skills.

and helped relieve them of their worries of having leftover candy.

Don't want them to have any leftovers, do we?

We also thought it would be great to leave an anonymous gift, so they could play that fun game of “wonder who this is from?”  Well, actually we did not intentionally mean to leave the gift anonymously.   On the way home, I found the card in the center console of the car… OOPS.

The card that tried to get away.

We will take credit for any  and all anonymous gifts, but really we just gave you the one bag with the cozy blanket in it.

May your future be as sweet and my son’s sweet tooth!  Thanks for including us in your special day!