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After a grueling 1/2 hour of homework, the kids and I and I decided we needed to get outside and enjoy the day. Oh, but what to do?
We dug through the outside chest and really nothing popped out at the kids to play with until The Boy found some bubbles. He blew them a bit and then the boy I watch after school said “this would be more fun if we had those catchable bubbles.”
Amazingly enough I had some stored away for a rainy day! I ran inside and got them and we started a bubble bonanza!

If you have never heard of Catch-A-Bubble or catchable bubbles before, they are a type of bubble that has more of something (I am guessing glycerin) and that something makes the bubbles last a really long time. This extra something also leaves behind a film or white substance after popping.

I thought it looked like snot or bad dandruff when a bubble popped in our hair.  My husband well he thought it was something else. Our conversation went like this when he came home.

My husband: Hey! [looking at me critically]

Me: Hey. [noticing him looking at my hair] Oh, we were playing with those bubbles.  You know the ones that you can catch.

My husband:  Oh, I was thinking you might be cheating on me.  It looked like someone ejaculated (although he used much cruder terms) in your hair.

Me:  Nice..  I thought it looked more like snot, myself.

So, do I love them or hate them?

I still love them.  They gave me an hour of fun with the kids.  I do recommend that you use them outside to limit the mess and so your husband does not think that you had an orgy in your house while he slaved away at work.  Although, they might make for a great excuse if you came home with a little something on your ear (like Ben Stiller in There’s Something About Mary).