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I used to see the good in most of God’s creatures.  Don’t kill that spider he is is part of a larger plan… he is a part of a needed food chain essential to the balance of life (except when you are a poisonous spider-in that case it needs to go).  I would share my world the the best way I could.  Sometimes, I may ask it to live in my yard rather than my house, but I am willing to make some compromises if they are too.

I don’t like mice, but I would rather humanely trap them free in a field where they can frolic and play (or get eaten by a hawk, since that is what hawks do).  I just don’t want you living in my space, pooping on my garage floor, eating through all the stuff we don’t care about in the garage.

I love the lizards around our house.  I think this has to do with my guilt over my pet gecko that did not survive a car accident with me in college.  It broke it’s nose and it was never the same.  I don’t mind the type we have around our house at all, mainly because they don’t visit us in our house.  In fact, when Termanix came and set glue traps down (outside the house) to catch the mice and instead caught 5 lizards… Termanix was promptly asked never to come back.  Glue traps must be an awful way to go. I also can attest that olive oil  or Goo-Gone will will not release a lizard from a glue trap if by chance you get in the lizard-freeing mood one day.  I get teary-eyed just thinking about those poor lizards.

Then there are flies… I really hate flies.  They rank up there with flies, ticks, and lice in my book.  This summer, I swear the flies were worse than in years past.  I attribute it to hot weather, an HOA that makes you put your trash-can in the back of the house, and kids in and out of the back door constantly.  At any rate, I have developed a sort of new-found happiness for killing them.  There is a little part of me that will try to tell myself to let the creature live, but it never beats the annoyed part of me that is trying to watch TV with the buzz of a fly skittering around the lamp.  At first I was happy with the fly-swatter and dreams of a fly killer that could kill like bug-zapper, but could be used to directly hunt and taze the little buggers.  I discovered EcoSmart’s Flying insect killer and have enjoyed watching them slowly loose flight and flop around until the darkness gets them.  I also hope that someday this house will be feared by the flies and thus I will not need to kill them anymore.  So far, the flies are not scared and although I have controlled the problem with botanical oils and fly traps around the garbage cans…one lazy night of not  wanting to take the trash out to the trashcan in the rain has brought on a fly attack like no other.

Here is the way it went down…

Saturday I went into the garage for a sleeping bag for my daughter’s first slumber party and was disgusted to find a swarm of flies near the side door.  I sprayed them down with my organic bug killer (which smells of wonderful botanical oils while promptly killing the disgusting little pests, then I did what I usually do… complain to my husband.

Earlier this year, we returned from a trip to Florida to a very smelly garage.  My fear was that another mouse had come in and died and a fly breeding facility had been set up in its carcass.  Of course, this time their was no smell so my husband did not think this was the case.  I did notice a garbage bag by the door and suggested that it may be the culprit and asked him to remember to grab it when he put the trash out.

On Sunday, the flies had multiplied again and so I was now positive that there was something not right in the garage, yet could not pinpoint where they were coming from.  When I went to run errands, my husband went to investigate.   He said he picked up the bag, I had noted and just happened to notice another bag hidden in a corner.  When he picked it up in hummed and he was attacked by a swarm of flies escaping from the 1-2 inch opening at the top.  Culprit found.  During the week of rain last week, he is assuming we slipped the bag in the garage to wait out the rain and forgot about it.

The conversation went downhill from there into the creation of a new kind of super hero…

My husband: When I picked up the bag the flies swarmed me!  I felt like I was being attacked.

Me:  Swarmed you!  I would have liked to see that.

My husband:  I wish you had been there too. It felt like there were so many and all that buzzing.  You could have protected me.

Me: How would I have protected you.  You mean when I spray my organic fly killer?  It doesn’t work well on when being attacked.  I have tried before, the flies are too fast.  I end up spraying myself more than the flies.  One time there was a fly above the dog and I thought I would help and ended up getting the dog more than the fly.  Thank god this stuff is not harmful to people or animals, because the way I have been spraying those buggers…Our dog and I would be in the grave by now.

My husband:  If you had been the one who was swarmed I would protect you, I don’t think it is too much to ask.  I would be your great defender!  I would say something like “You are not match for me fly vermin.”

Me:  Seriously, the vision in my head is pretty hilarious.  You are like a new kind of organic fly killing hero.

My husband:  That is right.  I would do it.  I would definitely defend you and win.

Me: I am sure you would and I too would have had your back, though personally I am glad they swarmed you.


Folks- that is LOVE.  

After ten years of marriage, love is protecting your chosen one from swarms of flies and other vermin who mess with them (or at least saying you would if it should happen again).