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I used to have a pretty strong stomach.  I could handle most anything that came my way…

Stepped in dog poop?  No problem.

Kid’s diarrhea?  Nope, handled it with class.

Nasty stuff on the bottom of the refrigerator?  Not stopping me.

Moldy Tupperware buried under the seat until I thought something was dead in the car?  Would throw it away and not think about it.

Something happened during my 1st pregnancy with my daughter, and I have never been the same.  I developed an over-active/sensitive gag reflex.  Now, I just think of something gross and I may gag at the thought.  Every time I clean the toilets I start gagging uncontrollably (which sucks because with a 5-year-old boy I seem to clean them a lot).  I am sure it is pretty humorous to watch me try to clean now, especially when it is not something that is that big of a deal.  For instance, when I wash a sippy cup full of a new substance (that used to be milk) and I open it and proceed to gag immediately.  I am sure I am the picture of a domestic something, but not a goddess by any means.

I have the hardest time with dog poop though.  I just get a whiff of dog poop smell and I am a goner.  So, imagine my surprise when I came home from school and a horrible odor greeted me.  The dog had an accident in his kennel.

So once the kids started playing I set to clean the kennel, but started gagging as I tried to pull the soiled bedding out.  So, I decided to drag the whole kennel onto the back deck.  Who cares that it was raining steadily…I had to relieve the house of the smell.   I cleaned the area around it and found that the smell saturated the air in the spot it stood.  The problem with this new-found gag reflex is that not only can certain smells set it off, but also the thought of what was there.  So, I would clean a bit, then stand up gag, and then try again.  At one point, my eyes located the nearest bathroom.  I was not sure if I would make it, but thankfully I stopped before disaster struck.  I made it through, but I could not get myself to conquer the kennel before taking my daughter to Girl Scouts.  I decided I leave it outside for my husband to find. I figured if he found it and cleaned it, then I would just be super happy.  If not, then at least if I threw up on myself then I could get in the shower and not have puke and dog poop smell on me when I went with my daughter to her meeting.

Thankfully, my husband took on the challenge of cleaning then kennel (because he is kind of great like that)… but guess who started gagging when I went to move the bedding to the dryer.  Seriously, it is just sad.

At least…this guy knows my pain (and I know his because dog puke is almost as bad as dog poop).  You got to love his ingenuity. Hopefully, my husband will not get any great ideas about videoing me.