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One of the things on my To-do list today was to buy a few birthday and thank you gifts.  This is usually  not a stressful task for the normal person, unfortunately I am far from normal.  I over-think buying gifts.  I have to find just the right gift for each person.  Each thing I pick up gets psychoanalyzed, for example.

  1. If I give them this lotion will they think I am saying they have dry skin?
  2. This box of cookies would be nice, but what if they are allergic to wheat?
  3. This candle smells nice, but what if they hate lilies… maybe the smell will make them think of when their dog died.  I can’t remember, but I think it’s name was Lily.
  4. This water bottle is nice… I wonder how many bottles she already has.  Wait maybe she is more of a coffee drinker.
  5. Oh, I will just get them a gift card… but where?  Is a gift card too impersonal?  Maybe I should attach it to a small gift, I wonder what she would want. [the process begins again].

That is just the dialogue in my head for the thank you presents.  I was also trying to find a gift for a 7-year-old girl for an upcoming birthday party.  I think if I tried to write down the dialogue for my choice making for that present, it may take you all day to just read through this post.

I have found that Tuesday Morning can be a good place to begin when I have to buy gifts.  Usually, there is a wide variety of stuff packed into a small store.  It is a close-out store, which means that they buy stuff that may not have sold elsewhere or that a business has overstock of and then will sell it for a discounted price.  It is not the place to find new and hip items.  You also may be disappointed if you are looking for a particular brand or item.  Each month they get new items, but it can vary greatly on what they have.  So if you see something you like there, be prepared to buy it or miss out.  Once I found a water balloon pump thing there for $7.99 (online they were $15 or more).  I bought two, but then found that it made a great gift and was one of my kids favorite water toys.  I ran back to the store, but could not find anymore.

Since I had to buy multiple presents, I headed over to Tuesday Morning in search of the perfect gifts.  First, I wandered aimlessly picking up items and convincing myself that they would not work for that person for the various reasons stated above.  A half an hour later, I had a potato masher (since it would be better than using meat tenderizer, like I did in Cooking Experiment #2 ), a ceramic knife for my husband, a basketball, cupcake decorations (for my son’s birthday in January), some glow in the dark Bendaroos, and 2 bags of ribbon (who can resist 104 feet of ribbon for under $10).  Unfortunately, there were no gifts to be found in the cart.  I finally settled on a bohemian jewelry craft kit for my daughter’s friend, but I was still stumped on the thank you gifts.  I wondered down the holiday aisle (since nothing says thank you like a halloween kitchen towel), when I noticed the most amazing lyric being sung over the in-store ambiant music.

Sorry that your mother dropped you on your head
Maybe her mother dropped her too
In the end we all get dropped
We all get black and blue

I had to drop everything and pull up Shazam to find out what song was playing.  Unfortunately, Shazam gave me this message.

I guess Shazam had never heard it either or I did not get it close enough to the speaker (I tried to stand on my tippy toes while holding it as high as I could, but the speaker was still a foot above me on the shelf.  Oh, the joys of being short!).

I don’t know if it was the song’s meaningful and heart-touching lyrics or my newfound urgency to get home and search the internet for the song (or that my Adderall kicked in), but I suddenly had an idea for the thank you presents. After throwing in a skateboard and a U Build game for Christmas presents for The Boy (Since they won’t be there the next time I go), I went back to the food section and grabbed some Cherry Limeade mix. I figured that I could add on a gift certificate to Sweet Frog and it would make a great present for some really sweet people.

So there you have it… I love Tuesday Morning.
Where else can you go to hear inspirational music, buy tons of stuff you don’t need, and find the perfect presents.

For those of you who are curious about the song I heard… I found it on the internet.
Didn’t I
By Carly Simon.

Inspiration for my pick for a Tuesday Morning gift-buying theme song.
Didn’t I give you midnight?
Didn’t I give you the month of June?
Didn’t I give you limeade and yogurt…
Thanks to a “Tuesday Morning” Afternoon.

I really hope they like them!