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It all started as a fairly normal day, but then I got into my car and noticed that my state inspection sticker was expired. A quick check of the calendar on my phone confirmed it, It was the first of the month. Unfortunately, I had a full schedule so the inspection would have to wait until the weekend. This is not good. I freak out over stuff like this. I can’t help it! I freak out every time I see a cop, which leads me to making rash decisions and role-playing a game of cops and robbers in my head each time I get in the car. If I see a cop at the corner ahead, I might suddenly have to get something at that bait and tackle shop (even though I don’t fish), drive into a nearby driveway and pretend to have the wrong address, or take a scenic drive around some random neighborhood (which is super fun when I end up lost).  I feel like a criminal running from the law. Unfortunately, I had no time to get the inspection done until the weekend so decided that I just had to stay calm and not flip out for two short days. That is doable, right? I am not a speeder and I don’t have to drive very far. In total, I probably only have to drive a total of 20 miles.

The furthest I have to drive is my kids’ school for Kindergarten Registration and the beginning of the school year “Open House”.  This is where we find out who our kids’ teachers will be, drop off supplies, and fill out a mountain of paperwork.  It is a busy afternoon since most of the families will come to find out who their children have for a teacher.

As we drove into the school, I noticed my husband decided to drive into the school’s parking lot, rather than the overflow lot. I looked and thought I saw a parking space or two and followed him. Unfortunately, no parking spaces were found and so I decided to head toward the overflow lot. The turn into the lot from the main entrance to the school was a bit tighter than I thought it was and so I miscalculated the turn. I ended up hitting the curb and as soon as I feel the curb scrape the bottom of my car, I stopped. I figured I could just back up and retry the turn, but I was wrong.

As I backed up, I realized that my front tires were not on the ground and just spun (which is not ideal when you have a front wheel drive car. I noticed my husband walking up with a disgruntled look on his face… the one he always wears when I get myself into these types of situations (which is far too often). He said he would help me by pushing the car as I backed up… that did not work.

Since we are blocking the overflow parking lot, several other eager Kindergarten parents joined him to try to push the car, but their effort was just as fruitless. The front wheels needed something to grab onto.  That is when we started grabbing anything to try to build up the area under the front wheels.  I contributed a boogie board from the back of my car.  Unfortunately, even with the boogie board the car remained stuck.

Luckily, I was in the optimal location for people to notice me and there was a great view of my driving expertise from the entrance of the school.  More people came to help and so it was only a matter of time before we drew the attention of the county sherriff’s office, which ended up being the Dare officer at the school.  The Dare officer is a full fledged officer who can make arrests and can write a ticket for an expired inspection sticker.  I saw him coming over and so I start to freak out.

I smiled as the sheriff walked up and started talking to him (making sure that my body was between him and the expired sticker on the front windshield)… Here are some of my amazing attempts to deflection.

“Oh, are you related to __?”

“Yes, I taught with her.”

“I loved my officer at the school I taught at, do you know ___?”

“I really tried my hardest to hype up the program with my kids…You know, say no to drugs and all of that.”

“I really have no luck in school parking lots, see that scratch up there…That one i did at ____ elementary school.”

“Can you help?  Sure, they need help in the back of the car.  The front of the car is great no help needed up there.”

I think I sounded like a crazy person.

The party began to break up since it was evident the car was stuck.  Luckily a wonderful man, or as I like to think a towing superhero, stopped and asked if we thought it would help if he tried to tow the car with his truck.  We were up for anything.  The only other idea we had was to use the jack to lift the car off of the curb and then push it backwards until it fell off of the jack (hopefully clearing the curb).  Thinking about that plan now, I wonder why we thought it was a viable option. 

Thankfully, the tow gave my car just the nudge it needed and it was free from the curb.  My husband safely parked it and we were finally able to go inside the school, just in time for the orientation to end.  Thankfully, we have an older child and so I think we should be okay…as long as there were no new rules or procedures.

Thankfully, I had no roadside mishaps today and hopefully my car will be state inspected by noon tomorrow!