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So, Irene has come and gone.  We were spared from too much harm.  The only casualty was a lop-sided dogwood tree, which we have since tried to fix with some rope and a stake.

We were without power from 3pm until something the next morning.  I am thankful that we only lost power for around 9 hours or so, rather than days.  Some of my friends are still without power, and so my house has become a mini-charging station, steak storage,  and impromptu bed and breakfast.  I know the power outages caused by Irene has been playing havoc with other bloggers as well… Just as Alex shares at Lateenough.com.  Unfortunately, there have been some people in the area with major damage.  Lots of cars totaled by trees, and in some cases major home damage as well.  One of my friends had a tree take out both of their cars and their kitchen, but thankfully the family is okay and it did minimal damage to the other rooms in their house.  Amazingly, we were on the outskirts of the storm, so the damage to other areas is far greater (which is amazing to me because of what I have seen around town).

Now with all this craziness, I have neglected my laundry.  You see, I do not have a good laundry system to begin with, so add any change to my life and the laundry becomes a monster.  I like to think that my laundry pile is kind of like the Trashy’s long lost cousin, Laundrita.    At some point, I think I might open the door to my bedroom and find the Fraggles in there trying to get wisdom from it.  So far, it has only been my dog and cats that have found comfort and wisdom in Landrita’s arms.

In fact, during Irene’s rampage through our town Landrita comforted our dog through the long night since we piled all four of us into the bed for the night when we had no electricity.

Although, Laundrita did make a wonderful pet bed, it did not seem like the best way to deal with our clean clothes.  I decided that I needed a system that was more than…

  1. Wash and dry clothes
  2. Throw on the bedroom floor
  3. Let pets sleep on them (because pet hair gave our clothes that little something they lacked).
  4. Sift through when getting dressed
  5. Wear
  6. Throw in the dirty pile on the other side of the room.

So today, I said good-bye to Laundrita.  The Boy and I played a game of hoops with the dirty clothes first.  I took out all the hampers (we have 5 to sort laundry in), then we practiced our basketball skills by throwing the clothes into the right hamper.  2 points for getting it in the right hamper, and one point if you get it in, but it is not the right hamper.  The Boy sometimes got confused by the brights and the darks, but did pretty well with the shooting.  Once the dirty clothes were sorted, we conquered the clean pile.

He wanted to keep playing a game, so I gave him one point for throwing the item to me and another point for carrying the clothes once hung to the closet.  To sweeten the deal, he also got a gummy bear for every 5 points he got.  Laundrita slowly faded away.

There was one complication…my dog.  My dog did not want to give up on Laundrita without a fight.  So several times, he snapped at me when I tried to get something off the pile.  He finally, gave up and looked at me with sad eyes from his spot on the bare carpet.  I know he will weep for her tonight.

So, here is my plan so that Laundrita will not appear again.  I moved the hangers from their spot in my closet to the laundry room.  I decided that I will do what millions of other people do with their laundry… fold it and put it away right when it comes out of the dryer.  I know it is a pretty revolutionary system, I don’t know why I did not think of it before.