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You know as Irene approaches, I realized that I am not as creative with my planning for today’s hurricane as I could have been. I treated it like a zombie invasion rather than looking for the opportunity to make cute treats and basically have a little “stuck inside” party. I could blame it on being sick, but honestly I doubt I would have thought up these creative ideas on my own.

Jen Jen shared on her blog some cupcakes she found at a local bakery…
Aren’t they just adorable?

If I lived out by Hampton Roads or happened to be in the area, I could have picked up a Hurricane cupcake kit. For some reason, if it is in a kit… I just think it must be easier than trying to do it on my own. I guess I will just have to hope for another hurricane to blow through to try their kit out. I checked today and they are closed. This is precisely my problem, I don’t think about these type of things until it is too late. This post will be my reminder to remember to get my kit next time (because they look delicious). Hopefully, one of the cupcake bakeries will make a kit (so I don’t have to travel 2 hours) for the next big hurricane or big weather moment (Blizzard cupcakes might be fun).

I have seen many facebook statuses where friends have declared that they have their hurricanes ready. Again, I have to just admire their forsight. I did not even think of that! Luckily, my husband is out at a meeting this morning and so I just texted him and sent him the ingredients to the Southern Comfort Hurricane. I am waiting for his text back saying “Are you out of your mind!”

Just a quick search on the internet lead me to a site that gave me full instructions on how to throw a Hurricane Irene Party. It even helps you come up with the perfect soundtrack of hurricane inspired songs. I did not even think of having a party! I was thinking “we have to remember to secure the trashcan so we don’t have trash all over our yard tomorrow.” It is times like this that I realize that when I was in college, I would have thought PARTY! When the Blizzard of 95 hit, that is just what I did. It was a week of stomping around in the snow from one party to another.

My favorite find of my search was a video on youtube.  This guy is ready for the hurricane!  He also has a bit of a potty mouth so if you don’t like swearing, then skip the video.

He has given me a lot to think about.  I mean I do not have half of the stuff he has for his Hurricane Irene party (I mean check out his beer collection!)  I definitely did not think about having cigars (with the secret stuff inside) ready or the “tobacco products (so to speak).”    Yep, I definitely did not prepare like this guy.

That is because… I am old.

Oh yeah, and I am sick.  The sick part is why even if I could whip something together, I could not invite anyone over.  Come to my hurricane party (shh..the party favors are a really yucky cold or strep).  I said I wouldn’t use being sick as an excuse, but who knows I might have had a party if it weren’t for this pesky cold.

* actually texted back and said “I will see if an ABC store is open”.  Isn’t he just great!!