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My family has been sharing a mighty nasty cold bug with each other. My husband was started it by bringing it into the house last Thursday. By Saturday, my son had a fever and my husband came home from the doctor with Pneumonia.

My daughter and I tried to stay away. We quarentined them and cleaned up all the germs, but it was too late…

By Tuesday, I was coughing.

Wednesday brought the revelation that the cold was not the only invader to the house. When I took him to the doctor because I was worried his cold had turned into something worse, I was stunned to find out he had strep throat.

Great! Strep is another illness that we love to share with each other. The thing about strep is that I catch it even if someone two streets away has it.
I am starting to feel a bit sick myself. I am tired and well just funky. The sad thing is I can’t be sure that it is the cold or my allergies flaring up, since the symptoms appeared after I messed with those bloody mushrooms (covered with mold, I am sad to say). I still have no fever so I can’t assume that I have the stuff my husband and son had.

Today it’s Friday and I am not in love (I am sick I think I deserve to make a corny reference to The Cure).
The only silver lining I can home for is that I am working out my stomach muscles by coughing so much.
So I wondered about it enough that I did a search on the internet (because that is what I do when I am curious). I found someone else also wondered the same thing and asked the question on Yahoo Answers.  “Gothalicious with Cheese” is like a kindred spirit.

I was a little disheartened by some of the answers though… Darth Vader says that it is probably because I haven’t eaten enough.  Not only that but I could possibly blow a disc from coughing too much.  It makes me wonder if she thinking I might force myself to cough just get a flat stomach.  

There are about 2 other people that said no… but one person said yes.  She was the only one who got rated as “Good.”  So I am thinking she is the only one who is an expert on the subject.  

Unfortunately, the varying opinions did not leave me feeling very positive.  So I kept searching… and came across this site.

OK… I may not be feeling well (and on a lot of Mucinex and allergy meds), but what does this car have to do with coughing?  So ,are you curious what was said about it?   Are you wondering if someone here had an answer for me?


Well, I guess that is it.  I will never know the answer, but at least I know what kind of car is in the picture.

I am off to bed now.  I am guessing that the best thing for me to do is to get some sleep and not worry about my abs.