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I know that everyone around here is hitting the grocery stores and preparing… but I realized that I never really consciously ever prepared for a hurricane before.   The funny thing is that my husband does have a plan for when the zombie apocalypse happens.  Of course, his plan involves filling the bathtubs up with water (which he told me I could not share because I looked shocked that he would drink bath water), and fending for himself (he can’t let me or the kids get in the way of his survival).

Are the preparations very different when it comes to preparing for a hurricane?  I am finding that really if you are prepared for zombies… then you may already be prepared for Hurricane Irene.

Our History with Hurricanes… 

The last really big hurricane was Isabel, which greeted us when I was 4 months pregnant with The Girl.  Schools closed early so I went home.  I don’t think I really took it very seriously at first.  My husband, obviously didn’t as well, because he stayed at work until the last possible moment.  The winds were getting pretty strong and my husband still had not made it home.  I was quite relieved when I saw his car pull up in front of the house.  As I greeted him at the door, we heard a huge CRACK and then there was a BOOM!   We ran to the window only to see that the big tree in our front yard was broken in the middle and that most of the tree covered my husband’s car.  I will never forget that moment and will never forget how thankful he did not hang in the car for a moment before coming in.   We were lucky that all of our other trees stood tall though the storm , even though many trees fell or broke that night.  I think back and we really did not prepare for it.  We did not have bottles of water, a back up generator, and had not made any special trips to the store.   In fact, we used a lot of candles, rather than flashlights (whether that was due to not having batteries, I cannot say).  The biggest lasting affect Isabel had on us, can be seen at our house.

Borrowed from http://www.dbflorida.com/Comic courtesy of:  http://www.dbflorida.com/Hurricane_Humor/Hurricane_Humor.htm

When we bought our house two years later, I realized that my husband had some resentment towards large old trees.  We were looking at lots and I wanted a wooded lot and my husband really liked a lot that had zero trees on it.  After he stated his case, I agreed that a big part of being prepared for the next big storm would be not having any big trees on our property to fall on our cars and house.

Our History with Zombie Invasions…

Well, we really have never been through a real zombie invasion before (unless you count the days where we felt like zombies during the many sleepless nights we had when our kids were first born).  I think we have done our reading though and my husband just bought the whole season of “The Walking Dead ” on Blu-ray so I think he is pretty prepared.   We also took zombie invasions into account when we bought our house.  We bought a 2 story house so that when an invasion happens my husband can tear out the stairs (since zombies cannot climb walls).

Preparing for Hurricane Irene or any impending zombies that come with her. Last night, my husband changed the batteries in our lantern.  It seems like we have a good amount of food, but do I need more food that is easy to prepare?  Do I get some sandwich meat (or will it just be another thing I throw away when I don’t have power and all the food in the fridge goes bad).

So here is what I found out as I researched how I should be preparing…

  • I need a Disaster supply kit. Honestly, I look at the list and I wonder is preparing for a hurricane like planning for a zombie invasion. I found CDC’s recommendations for a zombie invasion supply kit.  The first aid supplies in your Zombie invasion kit would be perfect if you got hurt in a hurricane.

  • We need to come up with an emergency plan.  You see whether it is a zombie attack or a hurricane.  We need to know what to do if we become separated or if one of us gets hurt.  At least, with Irene I think we can get to a neighbors for help.   If our power goes out for a long time we may need to leave town until power comes back on.  If zombies attack, we just need to get out of town or to the nearest Walmart. Thus, it would be a good idea to fill up our tanks before Irene comes.  It would suck if our car ran out of gas after a mile or two.
  • Preparing our house…. Now if we were on the coast I think I would heed the advice of FEMA and other government organizations and install head and foot bolts to my door.  I would board up windows and reinforce the garage door.  Again, the preparations are going to be similar for a zombie invasion.  In the case of a zombie invasion just think “more”… not just head and foot bolts.  You may want to buy a whole new door (picking steel instead of the wimpy wood doors most homes have.  To prepare for a hurricane, you really need to worry about things that can blow off, such as your roof and shutters.  If  you live in a hurricane prone area, you may want to add some metal hurricane straps or clips to secure your roof and shutters.  Zombies aren’t going to mess with your roof and honestly if zombies were attacking I doubt I would care that my pretty black shutters were being destroyed.

Now, I am off to prepare.  This means I am going to stand in long lines at the grocery store (would not want to be without Dr. Pepper), finding all of our important papers, filling up the gas tank of my car, and pricing steel doors.

To all of you that Irene may affect… Stay safe.