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My Husband vs. the Chewbacca Magnet

In June, we made a road trip to Indiana to visit my family.  It was a wonderful visit followed by a few days in Chicago. We asked the kids to pick one thing that they wanted to do when we went there.  The Girl picked Adler Planetarium and The Boy really wanted to go Legoland.  We waited until the last day to go to LegoLand since is was a 1/2 hour drive from our hotel, but the waiting was worth it for the kids.  They really had fun there.  On the way out,  The Boy spotted Star Wars mini-figurine magnets and begged for them.  We told him that they were magnets, but he still wanted them and so we gave in.  When he opened them he was disappointed that they did not come off their magnet pedestal.  He asked my husband to try to take it off, but there was nothing he could do in the car as we traveled the 14 hours back home.

Since then, about every other day The Boy harassed my husband about the Chewbacca.  My husband used diversions “Oh, I can’t find it.” and “why don’t we play with your Ninjago spinners instead?”

Well, my son finally caught on and so my husband found the magnet and set to work on taking it off the magnet base.   His theory was that the Chewbacca magnet was connected to something inside of the base.  He got out the drill and proceeded to try and unscrew the screws, and when that proved to be too difficult he just drilled through the screws themselves.

Unfortunately, his work did not pay off.  The Chewbacca was actually glued to a the grey lego base.  He then broke off the Chewbacca from the base and got out the power sander.  It took a little while to sand off the bottom of Chewbacca’s feet… but he finally did get most of the grey plastic and glue off.

When he was all finished he had two shaky hands and a very happy little boy.  Afterward I overheard my husband counseling my son…”Next time what we need to do is buy the keychain.  Then we can just twist and twist and we will be done.”  Great advice, but I don’t think twisting will be half as fun as the using the power tools was.

Me vs.  My Arch-nemisis “Bookshelf”

We all met “the bookshelf” in the post  I met my Arch-nemisis and it is a Bookshelf.  Well, I got out the sander and the paint and took him down.  Not only that, I emasculated him by decoupaging him with butterflies.  It appears that you can use a hose to spray off stripper and it does not harm it.  I just had to take out the sander and clean up some of the rough parts and it was ready to be painted.  I chose a pretty pale pink so that there was a hint of color.  It took quite a few coats (because I did not use primer first), but the finished bookshelf looked great.  Well, it looked great, but not perfect.

I thought about it for a night and decided that since I had some Mod Podge in the house I should decoupage on something.  I decided that something should be butterflies.  I took The Girl to Michael’s with me and we chose out some scrapbook papers that seemed to go with her bedspread and then looked for butterfly paper punches.  Hearts and flowers reigned in the paper punch section, but alas no butterfly punches could be found.  I wanted butterflies.  So, I decided I would just have to go home and cut them out the hard way.

I am happy to say that I have officially brought it to its knees…  

Yes, it is complete and will be heading up to The Girl’s room as soon as I finish this post.  As I finished finished the bookshelf by adding some layers of laquer to the top (for durability) I could not help but sing a “victory” song of sorts.  Welcome to the Jungle was stuck in my head…and honestly I think it was pretty fitting.  Even more fitting when you change the lyrics to “If you got a varnish on ya, we’ll take it eventually.  You can have anything you want. But you better not take it from me.”  I know, it is a stretch, but I blame the fumes from the laquer.

I think I will sing the closing of this post… (honestly, I am sporting my P.J.s rocking the air guitar)

Welcome to the jungle
Watch it bring you to your shun n,n,n,n,,n,n,,n,n,,n,n,,n.n, knees, knees
In the jungle
Welcome to the jungle 
Watch it bring you to your
We’re gonna bring you down!

“Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns and Roses

I am sure Slash and Axel are so excited that their song is linked to two 30 something’s using power tools to take down a bookshelf and a Chewbacca magnet… but that is what happens when your target audience gets old.  The jungle turns into a garage and the enemies are inanimate objects.