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When my kids get sick, we have always let them sleep in our bed for the duration of their illness… this satisfies two things…

  1. It enables us to help them quickly.  If a bad coughing spell hits we are there to thump them on their back, or if they have a stomach thing we can get them to the toilet (or grab the bowl) before it becomes  a 3 o’clock in the morning cleaning party.
  2. It assures that my husband and I will get sick too… This is just an added special bonus.

This time around The Husband got sick first.  He started with a cold, but soon the cold had his buddy Pneumonia come crash the party in his lungs.  The Boy was the next to come down with the awful cold.  So far, pneumonia had not discovered my son’s lungs yet, and we are hoping to keep it that way.  I was worried because I thought my after-schooler was supposed to start on Monday.  I can’t do childcare with a house of sick people!  I especially could not watch kids if I had a horrible cold.

The solution was simple.  My husband and son had to be quarentined.  They stayed upstairs to limit the germs in the common rooms.  I also chose to sleep in The Boy’s room.  I really did not want to get sick and possibly put out the family that I am providing childcare for.  So for the last 3 days, I have had a wonderful view from my son’s bottom bunk.  The Girl was a bit jealous that The Boy got to stay in our room, so she has joined me for bunk bed slumber parties the last 3 nights as well.

I can now say that The Boy’s bed is really comfortable.  I have slept like a baby in there.   The bed does creak a bit when the cats jump onto the top bunk.  It is a bit scary when the cats decide to fight up on the top bunk too. At least, that is a simple solution if that is the problem… I can just close the door.

The only problem that I had with his bed is forgetting that I was in a bunk bed in the morning and hitting my head as I got up.  Luckily, The Boy is a bit shorter than me and hopefully does not have that problem.