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I have never been accused of having a green thumb.
Nobody has ever complimented my garden and said “Wow, you really know how to grow em!”
The reason is because I have really no patience for gardening. I don’t find it relaxing… just dirty.
I appreciate a nice yard though… so I am trying.
What I noticed today was that I must be doing something right… because I can grow some enormous mushrooms!
Look at this one!

It is enormous!!

I actually have done quite well in the mushroom department…

Yep, I can definitely get mushrooms to grow.

Now if I could only do the same for plants I intended for my yard.

Hostas are supposed to be easy plants to grow and keep alive, but not if they are at my house…

This little guy has seen better days too..

I promise you that these little ones get watered and are placed where it gets the part shade they need.  At least the weed behind it is growing nicely (too bad I pulled it right after I took this picture).

When it comes to weeds vs. plants… I am not the best judge.  In another part of the garden we planted flowers that were supposed to attact butterflies.   It was The Girl’s very own butterfly garden.  Of course, it also became a bee garden, so the kids refuse to play outside.  Sometimes, I could just kick myself for some of the ideas I have.  Anyway, I can’t tell if this plant was intended or not.

Is it just and overgrown weed or did we plant it?  I have no idea.  I think my husband may have planted the long grass behind it, but then again it could also be a weed.

What is a notorious plant killer like me to do?

Head on over to Compost Confidential… Where he posted a blog post for me…

The Five Biggest Mistakes We Make in Our Gardens & Landscapes

http://joegardener.typepad.com/dailycompost/bad-gardening-clueless-people/ (I love that he named the article something benign, but he let his feelings show in his web address)

He says

  1. Overwatering  (hmm, I guess.  Maybe that is why I am such a good mushroom grower).  Although, we water in the morning only.
  2. “Failure to understand a plant’s cultural requirements” (huh?  I did not know each plant had their own culture.  Maybe, they just don’t understand me because I have a bit of an accent.)  He actually talks about reading the tags… which I do.
  3. Failure to promote healthy soil (He loses me about the time he talks about soil scientists… I am sorry I love science, but the science of soil has never been a subject that I wanted to concentrate on).  We add some stinky organic stuff to the soil so I am thinking that cannot be it.
  4. Excessive use of Fertilizers (I think we are good there… they are lucky to get fertilized once when planted).
  5. Indiscriminate use of pesticides (This can not be the problem because we don’t use pesticides… well my husband is a fan of grass killer. He never uses it near the gardens though.  He learned the hard way to watch for the gardens after he killed my favorite dogwood by power washing the fence next to it with bleach). Joe shares this fact… “In addition, according to the National Audubon Society, about seven million backyard birds die each year as a result of consuming insects that have been killed by pesticides.”  So on top of being a dogwood killer, my husband may be the killer of backyard birds.  Well, no more.

In the end… I still am pretty clueless.

He ends with…

“What are some other big mistakes? I’d love to hear about them. I’ll give away a copy of my book, The Green Gardener’s Guide to the best comment. Thanks.”

So I commented…

Good thing that I took this screenshot before I submitted… because the post vanished.

I guess I will just have to wait and see if he responds… I think I could really use that book.