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Some days it is OK to not to worry about what you did not get done.
I had a looong to do list and I got to 3 4 things on it.  I could be stressed about it, but I am not. Why? Some days are meant to be bad days and so if you can turn them around, then you should not spend too much time worrying about the stuff that could have been done if the day had been better.

Yesterday could have been a bad day.

I woke up 15 minutes before I was supposed to be at a friend’s house (which happens to be about 30 minutes away).  The kids were not dressed.  My husband was in bed since he stayed home because he was not feeling good, my son was grouchy, and my hair looked like Medusa’s after partying a little too hard!

I was definitely going to be late.

Well, my friends came to the rescue.  My friend did not mind that I was running late (probably because she expected me to).  We had a wonderful time talking and letting the kids play.  She even made The Girl a sandwich before we left because she said she was hungry.  The Girl was so happy and I was so grateful because we had a few errands to run.

Later in the afternoon, my friend Liz (check out her blog Diary of a *reformed* fat ass) came over.  She was going to help me make “salted caramels“.  I have been dying to try the recipe since I saw the post.

She told me that she was going to just be there for support, but I would make it myself.  I gave her my best “Are you kidding?” look, but she was firm… She wanted me to learn how to do it.  She scared me with her talk of how temperamental using sugar can be.  Because of that I was extra careful and watched over the sugar boiling like a hawk.  Seriously, I never left its side.

I think we did everything right. We lined the dish with parchment paper and I set it in the fridge to cool until firm.

I think I hit a little trouble about here.  Firm is so relative.  What I consider firm to be… never quite happened for my lovely caramel.  It stayed kinda firm.  I took a little taste of the semi-firm caramel and it was delicious. I was excited because I could not believe I managed to make it and it tasted good.

So since it was way longer than the “several hours” the recipe called for I took it out of the fridge for the next step… Getting it to “room temperature and “prying it off” the parchment.  Funny thing…  I did not need to pry it off since once it got to room temperature it became a liquid.

Hmm.. guess I made salted caramel sauce.  I have checked out a few web sources to find out what went wrong.  I could have used a double boiler someone said that you should never try to do sugar without it.  I could not have heated it long enough and so I did not evaporate enough liquid.  I could have not heated it hot enough (although I am not thinking that was it since we used a candy thermometer).  At any rate, I think I will try it again.  It was invaluable to have Liz there with me because if she had not been there I might not have the yummy sauce, I would have crystallized sugar, 3rd degree burns, and no yummy caramel anything.

I would have missed the yummy sauce… It is great on ice cream!

Some days may not be perfect, but they can be so sweet!