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(look I figured out how to post videos in my posts!)

B is for Beach.  

I hit the beach again today.  I think it will be the last trip of the summer of 2011.  It turned out to be a beautiful day.  My friend and I got a bit scared as we drove east that this beach trip was doomed.  As we drove into the tidewater area, we began to see all the smoke from the Dismal Swamp Fire as we entered the Yorktown area.  My friend told me that she heard on the radio that a code orange air quality warning was issued as she came to our house this morning.  We had three kids in the back of the car excited that we were going to the beach.  How sad it would be to get there and have the beach covered in smoky smog.  So we did what we could and that was tell each other over and over again that the beach would be fine and it was.

B is for Boogie Boarding.

I boogie boarded with my daughter today.  The waves were just perfect for riding the waves.  I do want to offer a little word of advice.  Make sure you are wearing a suit that fits.  If your suit is a little loose (like mine was) you may find that big waves like to turn your fun ride on the waves into indecent exposure.  So although my photos did not have any treasures in their backgrounds, I am praying that I did not find my way into anyone’s family snapshots.

B is for Blue Tampon Applicator.

Guess what wonderful present someone left for us in the parking lot right next to my car?

Yep, a blue tampon applicator.  There were 3 things that crossed my mind when I saw this gift next to my car.

  1. Is this poor broken applicator a warning of sorts that Kotex knows that I made fun of their product and is warning me to stop accusing them of making their tampons look like fun toys.   I dismissed this thought a figment of my overactive imagination.  Just in case the Tampon Mafia was trying to send a message, I do want to say that Kotex U tampons are awesome.  Where else can you design your own pad or carrying case for a good cause.  Break the Cycle*, Period Forum, Feminine Care – U by Kotex*. (Now I will be able to sleep without keeping one eye open)
  2. If it isn’t a message from Kotex, who is this carefree woman who changes tampons in beach parking lots.  I mean I changed out of my bathing suit in this parking lot, but I did walk the 20 or so steps to the bathroom building to take care of that part of the changing process.  Whoever she is, she must be pretty awesome.  I mean I would be a nervous wreak if I were to attempt such a thing in a public venue.
  3. I hate people who litter.  So although it is pretty amazing that you were able to discreetly (I am assuming) change a tampon in a parking lot, you do drop a few “awesomeness” points for disposal.  Seriously, if you don’t want to walk the 5 steps to the trashcan then at least carry your own portable trashcan with you.

B is for Bunco. 

Not only did I get to go to the beach today, but I also got to play Bunco.  Bunco is a simple dice game that is played with a group of people usually at someone’s house.  It is a great way to mingle with old friends and new.   I love the ladies I play with and so I think it is important that if you join a Bunco group to find awesome people to do it with.  I remember when I first learned to play, I was so scared that I would not be able to learn the game.  I envisioned myself struggling through the night, like I have done when I tried to play bridge or A**hole (although I think I could have mastered this one if it had not been paired with alcohol each time we played in college).

I came up with a great way to determine if you can master the game of Bunco.  Ask yourself this question?

Can I identify the numbers 1-6 by the dots on a dice (being able to count to 3) is a plus.

If you can,  then you can master the game and that is why it pairs great with booze (yet, another word that starts with “b”).


B is for Booze.

Finally, I had a thought today as I was carded buying beer.  It struck me that when I was 21 I longed for the day they did not ask to see my ID.  I remember thinking “Do they really think I don’t look 21?”   My mom told me that after I had kids I probably would not get carded anymore and, at 28, I would be annoyed when I still had to yank out my card every time I asked for a glass of wine.    Today, I had a different feeling.  When the lady at the register asked me for my ID, I happened to look at this sign…

and I smiled and thought about how much I love getting carded (and how smoking hot I must have looked tonight).

Thanks letter “B” for being the beginning sound of all the awesome things I encountered today!