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I got an idea when I was walking around Home Depot the other day.  It seemed like a great one at the time.   You see, I had just posted a picture that showcased a little section of my kitchen wall that my husband never got around to painting.  I thought to myself, I can paint it if I picked up some primer.  So as I walked around the paint section, a ray of light shone on a small box of magnetic primer.  By the way, I am recalling the moment exactly how it happened.

Well, I thought about it and decided that it was perfect.  I would love to have another place to hang notes and kids art work.  So I picked up the very heavy container and picked up the other supplies that I needed.  It ran me $20 for the pint, but it is a specialty primer, so I guess it is worth the money.

Today I decided was a good day to start priming.  I had already been painting the small bookshelf and so I was already covered in paint.  I prepped the wall by adding the rest of the painter’s tape. I figured that I was not going to spill so I did not need a drop cloth.  It was such a small area and so how hard would it be to paint.

I shook the can a bit and  it did not feel like a lot of mixing was going on. So I opened it and started to stir the two distinct layers of the paint together.  It started off okay, but the stirring stick got stuck.  I pulled and it broke.  When it broke it sprayed the black liquid all over me.  I had black dots all over my face, shirt arms and also managed to add black dots to the floors and refrigerator.  I quickly ran to wash it off of me and then cleaned up the floor and the rest of the spotted kitchen.

Then I put down drop cloths, because obviously I was going to make a mess of things. After carefully trying to mix it up with a plastic spoon, I decided that it was as mixed up as it was going to get.  I put in the brush and started painting the wall.  Obviously it was still not mixed up enough, because it was so runny it just ran down the wall.  I quickly took the brush and tried to spread it all over the wall.  I patted myself on putting the drop cloths down and continued.  until it was covered.   This stuff is stinky!  I had a mask for myself, but I should have bought masks for everybody.  I opened all the windows in the kitchen and the living room and then realized it was time for dinner.  I am such a master of timing!  Nothing sets the ambiance for dinner like the smell of this magnetic primer.  My husband who had been asleep on the couch remarked on the smell the minute he woke up.   Lesson to anyone planning to use this primer… Don’t start this project before dinner.

After applying 2 more layers of a much better consistancy.  It now will hold up a magnet. It will only hold up the magnet.  All my dreams of hanging pictures will not come to fruition. The minute the paper separates the magnet from the wall, it becomes like the london bridge.  It all falls down.  It boasts that it is 3x stronger now, so I just cannot imagine how many coats of primer that you used to have to paint on.

So I give myself an “A” for effort.  It was a fun idea.  I could go back and add another layer, but it looks like it is on there pretty thick already so I am not sure if it will make that much of a difference.

So I have to say that I am officially hating the the primer and hating all the clean up that I am about to embark on.  Every time I turn around I find more black dots (probably because I forgot to look up).  I hate it at this moment, but if magnets start sticking better then I may change my mind.