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The beach is one of my favorite places to take pictures!  I love getting snapshots of my kids frolicking in the waves with friends.  I love catching that rare moment of newfound discovery when a sea creature is found or when the kids finally master one of those fun beach activities like boogie boarding or jumping the waves.  There are also so many creations to capture before the waves take their fairy kingdom sandcastle down like a great tsunami.

So yesterday at the beach, I was there with my camera.  Taking pictures of the fun and freezing the moments so that when it is cold outside I can go back to the memories of a warm day with friends.

Last night, I was uploading the pictures from the beach and also from our Disney World trip back in July to my Facebook account, and the friendly Facebook helpers reminded me of how important the background of pictures are.  Facebook has a feature that will ask you to do some tagging right after you are finished uploading the pictures.  I love this feature, because it will tag people in your picture and ask you if they guessed which one of your friends is in it.  Every time it does it I like to imagine a little computer elve sitting in my computer dressed like Johnny Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent.  It just makes me giggle to myself.  The Facebook Carnac really made me giggle last night, because he was a little off.

I noticed that in the background he found someone that he thought I might know.

I thought I would mess with the Facebook Carnac a bit more.  He could not stump me this time.

Thanks to Facebook, I caught sight of these great little background treasures that I may have overlooked, if I was just looking at my kids.

Now I do not remember anyone needing medical assistance, so I can only conclude that that lady is the queen of her yoga class!

Now, this is a terrible picture attempt at catching The Girl boogie boarding, but it is chock full of great background treasures!

Look at the poor kid in front!  Now that is a pretty good wipe out shot!  The poor man in the back is also a treasure in his own way.  He is sporting a wonderful farmer’s tan.  Of course, he is also a nice reminder that some poor soul has my big butt in the background of their pictures.  Of course, they are posting them to Facebook and so in a way it makes me cry a little to think that I am probably someone else’s background treasure.

Finally, there is something a little fishy going on in the corner of this one.

Nevermind, it is just a guy standing behind a girl and they are just enjoying the water.

For those of you with a dirty minds (like my husband), they are both standing.