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My husband and I have been working on these “avatars” for the last two days.  We have tossed around lots of ideas, but most of them did not turn out the way we had hoped.  We ended up going with our plan B, which did not include photoshopping my face.   So we came up with some that we hope represents my shortcomings well and shares my dedication to my new job.

  1. That’s Hot-  This was the only avatar that my husband was happy with that has my face in it.  I think that my portrays my life far better than the 20 something model.  The model just lacked that tired look that I pull off so well.
  2. Cake- When I saw this picture, I thought no one could really be this happy!  If she were not a model, she would be the shining example of the stay at home mom who is completely faking it.  Thus, I determined that she had to be “playing the part” so it just looked like she made that delicious cake. I know she probably is just like me and buys a cake and transfers it to her own plate and pretends that they can bake.
  3. Plan B-  I always try to have a Plan B.  It is a necessity.  When we leave town we always try to clean our house from top to bottom.  I make sure all the dishes are done, bathrooms cleaned, and floors are mopped and vaccumed.  The plan always also includes finishing folding clothes, cleaning the kids rooms, and making sure everything is put away.  Plan B is that anything not in its place and folded gets piled in the closets and then we shut the kids’ doors and call it a day.  I am searching my memory and cannot think of a time (since having kids) where I did not use plan B.  This lady’s plan B is definitely a bit tempting.
  4. Apron-  I thought I should have one choice that is mild and straight to the point.  So I came up with this one.  Nothing fancy or over the top.

There you have it…

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By the way… I had a few technical difficulties and so I am sending out my apologies for the extra posts sent to subscriber mailboxes.  🙂