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So, I finally got around to making a page on Facebook. I have been wanting to do that because it will enable people to post me funny pictures, share stories, and I can write irrelevant little blurbs.
When I created the page it wanted a profile picture… which I don’t have. Ugh!
When I open the page it nags at me to upload the profile picture that I don’t have. We all know how annoying nagging is… it is just a half-step less annoying than whining.
So I need a profile picture….let’s say I need a new face for this blog! I thought about just posting a picture of me, but I think that is a little too boring. Plus, I am not photogenic and suck at modeling so taking a new picture of me would be a waste of time (time that could be used cleaning and cooking).
So, The Husband agreed to make me the new face…. I thought it would be great to put my face on a funny picture I found. So he photoshopped it into exsistance then came to me with a pleading look and said…
“It is done, but I threw up a bit in my mouth doing it. It is a complete libido killer.”
That is not good. I mean I do not want The Husband to have to be so distraught with the NEW face of my blog.
I got a great new idea… I would post a poll with a few ideas and have anyone who drops by the blog vote on which one should be the NEW face.
We are actively working on the choices now, but unfortunately this one…

will not be a choice.

Feel free to comment your complaints to The Husband, if you are truly disturbed by this development.

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