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It is sad, but we have not made it to the beach this summer. We went during spring break and the kids got to swim in the freezing water, but alas we have not made it since summer began.
Tomorrow we finally get to go. It will just be for the day, but it will be enough to say that we made it to the beach. The Husband will be hard at work at his job and so I will miss his strong arms and back carrying the heaps of stuff I have to bring. He will miss somewhat relaxing in the sun (or partly cloudy skies with a 30 percent chance of thunderstorms) and sitting in beach traffic. Although he will feel like he is there with us because I will keep him updated by texting, using foursquare, and sending him pictures. He will feel like he is there with us, don’t you worry.
As much as I love the beach, I hate the preparation. There is so much to pack.
There are towels, chairs, umbrella, snacks, lunches…etc. It is a lot of work for the few hours that you spend there.
I always forget something as well, and usually I do not realize it until I get there. It also tends to be something I really need like sunblock, towels, or meat tenderizer.
Last year my son got stung pretty good by a jellyfish when we went to the beach and I did not have meat tenderizer. To be honest, I did not even think to pack any.

Thankfully, another mom had some and let us borrow it to relieve the sting of the Jellyfish. That mom, who I will most likely never see again saved the day. She probably does not even think of that day anymore, but in our house she is thought of and regarded as a hero.
So here is my thank you to all of you who help out when you see the need… Thanks for being that hero!
Hopefully I will run into one of those heroes tomorrow when something happens (because something always happens) and I need one.