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…As our clothes are drying in 90 minutes (or less) rather than the 3 hours it took with you.
…As we sleep without your low rumble that told us that you were there.
…As we use rejoice in the new features that our new dryer shares with us… like beeping when the vent needs cleaning

…. As we save money on our utility bills since we can get the perfect dry every time. (Can you tell I am a sucker for advertising?)

Yes, I know parting is sweet sorrow, but I photographed your final minutes for prosperity, so that we shall not forget you.

Well enough good-byes (time to get serious)…
We are so excited to welcome our newest member of our family. My In-Laws surprised us last week with a wonderful present! A new dryer! We are so thankful to them! I am soooo thankful to them. I mean, I really have the best in-laws a girl could ask for. I think you would have a hard time convincing me that yours are better… but if you want feel free to leave a comment pleading your case… but know I will reply with more examples of how awesome they are and I will guarantee I will win.

The back story is this…About 6 months ago, our dryer stopped drying. My husband cleaned out the vent and messed around with it, but alas the dryer still did not want to heat up past a mildly warm setting. We bought this dryer when we bought our first house in 2001, just after getting married. It was one of our first purchases for that house. Of course, we had just got married and well bought a house… so we were broke and picked the cheapest dryer we could get. It was roughly around $300 and we picked up the matching washer for roughly around the same price. It served us well for 10 years, but fixing it did not seem to be the most prudent thing given the advances in washer/dryer technology. Unfortunately, I had decided to stay home and so money is tight and so we have just gotten used to the 3-5 hour time frame to dry clothes as well as the constant rumble as it ran day and night. It was just part of the household melody that we enjoyed on a daily basis. I tried not to complain… I tried to keep my sarcastic comments about clothes drying to the dialogue in my head. I really did, but I was miserable. I hated when I would put a load in the wash and then have to rewash it because I forgot to keep up with the 90 minute walks up to the dryer to keep it drying. I hated it when my son wet the bed and I had to wash and dry his comforter, because I new it would take at least 5-7 hours to dry or require a trip to the dryer at the laundry mat down the road. So, I made attempts to make light of it.
So, as I photographed the departure of our old dryer and the arrival of our new dryer… I did not feel embarrassed. Our wonderful delivery men, Cameron and Ross, were great sports and tolerated me photographing them. I even told them I will share this post with the Best Buy Service Department as part of the customer service survey, because they were so nice and helpful (and they pretended not to see my bras hanging to dry above the old dryer until I made a joke about them… that is professionalism!).