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It has been awhile since my last Love it/Hate it post, so as my kids were playing today it dawned on me that I should share my love with Playmobil toys with you.  By the way, it has nothing to do with the fact that I have great pics… I’m lying, it has everything to do with these pictures. 
My kids played with these fun figurines for 1 hour without bickering or fighting or crying. The playroom was a bit of a playmobil wasteland to the onlooker, but if you got close you could see an amazing imaginative world they created.  That is why Playmobil is so great… It is simple enough that “you” can really do anything with them.  Let me show you how imaginative my kids are with these fun toys…

I am not sure what my kids are playing… It appears that everyone has lost their minds and hair and there is quite a line to get them back.  I personally love the ghost in the front.

I almost missed this guy.  He is like a little Red Riding Hood Boy.  Wonder if he is bringing that to his Grandma or is he heading to market?

Now you may be wondering who is in charge of all of these minions?  Well my daughter showed me the leaders and you may just be surprised with who joined up to rule this land…

Can you believe that the evil rulers are Legos?  I mean if the playmobil people wanted to overtake the government then it really would not be that hard… They are twice as big as these guys are.

I think the pictures present my argument for a LOVE IT proclamation, but just in case you need more proof that these are the best toys, I offer you some other sets that I would love to get my kids.