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We just got back from a weekend trip to our friends’ house.  They are wonderful hosts and my whole family always has a great time when we go.  After the first night, my friend and I are chatting and she asks me if I happened to open any of the drawers in the guest bathroom.  I tell her that I didn’t.  Personally, I usually don’t.  She replied that she was just checking because some people like to put their toiletries away and there was something in the drawer that she forgot to move.  I told her that we usually just leave our toiletries in the travel bag on the counter so I did not think I would need the drawers.  She tells me that the last people she had over found it when they were looking for Advil and so she had been meaning get it.

Later that day, my daughter joined me in the bathroom as we got ready. We had a babysitter lined up and were heading out to see a concert that evening.  The Girl loves to hang out when I am getting ready.  She likes to play around with my make-up and just chat.  I am curling my hair when she asks…

The Girl: “Mommy, what is that?”

Me: (without looking at her) “What are you looking at?”

The Girl:  “This” and points to the open drawer.

Me:  (I look where she is pointing and remember the earlier conversation) “Ugh, I think it is a drain cleaner.”

The Girl:  (looking at me funny) “Really?”

Me:  “yep”  (if drain cleaners are pink and have a little bunny on them.  Man, she has a top of the line model!)

I quickly close the drawer and scurry her out of the bathroom before any more questions can be asked.   I scurry off to tell my friend what happened with The Girl hot on my heels.  When I get to her bathroom, she looks at me with alarm.  I quickly tell my daughter that I have to talk to her about something and ask her to find her daddy.

When we are alone we have a good laugh and she quickly runs to get “the drain cleaner” before The Boy finds it.  Afterwards, she asks me why I said it was a “drain cleaner”?  I told her that it was the first thing I thought of… I just can’t think that quickly on my feet.  I just hope this is not one of those things that will come bite me in the rear later on in life… You know, like when she is college and the sink gets clogged and she wonders why her roommate’s drain cleaner is not working.

I guess I should add this to the list of things to talk about during the dreaded “Birds and Bees” talk.