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I have 2 updates today!

The Boy has slept in his bed 2 nights in a row!  Don’t get too excited, we are not counting our chickens quite yet.  It does seem like the things we put in place are having an effect though.  If you are curious, I figured I would share these changes (if anything to fill up the bag of tricks for some other sleep deprived mom out there).

1. We turned off the TV and took away Ipad time.  Yep, The Boy’s number one excuse was that something he saw on TV scared him.  “Mom, it was the Tiki guy on Scooby Doo.”   Well, I decided if it was a TV show then TV needs to go.  Then the excuses came about the Lego videos on Ipad… “It was Darth Vader.” OK, I guess watching those videos is not working either.  Overall, it has been great to have a TV and ipad free day.  The biggest objector is The Girl. I told her that those “American Girl” videos could scare him and don’t get me started on how scary Barbie videos are (both content and quality).  So now if he stays in his bed he can earn 1 hour of parent approved TV and 15 minutes of Ipad.  The first day I made him watch Nick Jr., but today I branched out to some PBS shows.  The Girl tried to sabotage the plan with some Spongebob today, but she was caught and “Between the Lions” was restored.   Now, the plan is to use deprivation to increase the value of the TV as a reinforcer.  So far, so good!

2. We changed the token system to an earning model.  They now earn their allowance by doing things throughout the day.  He gets 25 cents for sleeping in his bed.  We told him that the 25 cents is for being brave and that we value when they do things that we know are hard for them.  Other things they get quarters for are cleaning up without being asked, playing together without fighting, and doing educational activities.  Yesterday, I had to go to a meeting with the teacher I am long term subbing for and so I gave them 50 cents each if they could play nicely together during the meeting.  The teacher praised how good they were (boy, did we fool her).

3. A friend reminded me about using a social story.  I did contemplate writing one, but ended up deciding to be more global.  Instead I pulled some books about having courage to face your fears. We have a set bedtime routine in our house  and have had it for years (and if we do try to sway from the routine my kids remind us to follow it).  We take a bath.  We sometimes get 10 to 15 minutes to play (if mom and dad are still working on laundry), then we go to bed where we read up to 3 stories or chapters).  We turn on the music and give a little snuggle or two and then kiss them good night.  So I snuck these books into book time.  I have been reading “Llama, Llama, Red Pajama,” and “How do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?”   my favorite and now a staple for bedtime has been “Giant Steps To Change The World” by Spike Lee and Tonya Lee Lewis.  I love this book.  I think it encourages kids to” be the change”, but also is honest with kids about making changes can be hard and may be fear provoking.  I also love that the book shares stories about people who have conquered their fears and hardships to make a difference in the world.  We are focusing on facing our fears and trying to lessen any anxiety he has.

4. We are battling the snoring and stuffy nose.  We have been giving him the Zyrtec and lathering him down with vapo-rub (which I disguised as “a magical potion that protects him- I know I will pay for that later).  We have a doctor appointment tomorrow and hopefully we can delve into the medical piece more then.

Even though two days is not a lot, it has been enough to get my husband and I restored on our sleep and we are nicer people now.  Now we will see how long it lasts. 🙂

I also wanted to update you guys on my battle with popsicle molds….

The new molds are wonderful.  My kids enjoyed some pink lemonade popsicles yesterday and I have plans to experiment with recipes soon.  So if you are interested in the Partiki Popsicle Molds, you can find them at 5 below.