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Just a few days after visiting our house for The Girl’s tooth, the Tooth Fairy is set to return for The Boy’s first lost tooth!

The Tooth Fairy is a production in our house…

The Girl is super curious about the whole Tooth Fairy thing works and about 3 teeth ago began writing the Tooth Fairy letters.  This began after seeing the movie The Tooth Fairy with Dwayne Johnson.  Could the Tooth Fairy be a surly man?  Are there multiple Tooth Fairies?  So many questions and really the only way to get answers is to ask.

I thought it was cute so I answered them in the smallest handwriting I could and confirmed that there were multiple Tooth fairies.  Thank goodness I did, because now every tooth comes with a letter.  The last letter she wrote she had really pressing questions for the Tooth Fairy like…

Is your bed as comfortable as mine?

The Tooth Fairy’s answer:Yours is super comfortable, but I still like mine.

Have you been to Disney World?  (since we just got back)

The Tooth Fairy’s answer: Only to pick up teeth, but unfortunately I never get to go on any rides.


What is your favorite food?

The Tooth Fairy’s answer:  Broccoli.  (I could not resist a chance to convince her to eat those little trees)

The answers from the Tooth Fairy are valued by her.  This is a great thing, because a question she asked in the past was…

Why do you give some kids more money than others?

The Tooth Fairy’s answer: Sometimes a tooth is more valuable than others.  It could be that it is made or coated in gold.  Sometimes, we end up running out of smaller bills and coins and the kid just gets lucky.  You are luckily one of my first stops.

Okay, here is the thing… Our Tooth Fairy has a very limited budget.  It is crazy to me to think that some kids are getting $20 for their teeth (which apparently some kids in her 1st grade class get).  Honestly, I think $5 is a bit much, but I am willing to go there when that becomes the going rate.  In the meantime, The Tooth Fairy has acquired some of the new gold $1 coins.  Since The Girl loves the president, The Tooth Fairy always leaves her a message about how special the coin is.  This seems to be satisfactory for The Girl at the moment.

The Boy has now joined the Tooth Fairy fun! He lost his first tooth early this morning (much to the chagrin of my husband who he woke up to show at 5:30 in the morning).  Thankfully, The Girl did not convince him to write a letter or write one for him.  I am about to head to bed and I have my Sacagawea coin in hand.  I look forward to the excitement in the morning.

I know that the going rate for the Tooth Fairy will be talked about again when she gets back to school, but I will just have to deal with that then.  {sigh}

So tell me… How big is your Tooth Fairy’s bank account?