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Tonight’s recipe was pretty easy and required no actual cooking.  I saw this recipe in a magazine called “Potluck Favorites” and it just happened to be one of the 126 crowd-pleasing recipes. So since I was having a friend over for burgers and needed a side dish and thought this might be a nice fit for the night. I also figured that although she is not a big crowd she would still want to be pleased.  You got to remember that most of my friends have never seen me cook, and those who have often don’t live to tell the tale.

I love recipes with only small lists of ingredients, and so I thought I might give you guys a little insight to my thought process when picking recipes for my experiments…

The ingredients                                           My thought process during selection

3 pints of grape tomatoes                              Yep, I know what those look like.

4 stalks of celery                                              That means “Ants on a Log” at snack time

2 Tbsp. Vodka                                                   May need another side for the kids.

1 Tbsp. lemon juice                                          I can always use some of that

1 1/2 tsp. Hot Pepper Sauce                           Hmm… Yep, kids need another side.

1 tsp. Worcestershire Sauce                          Good thing there are 3 open bottles.

Salt and pepper                                                  That is a given.

Tbsp. prepared horseradish                         Could work on the burgers as well

We did the family grocery shopping on Sunday.  Family grocery shopping takes a great deal longer and often means that we come home without something we need (due to the multiple trips to the bathroom for the kids, the distractions of smelling body wash, and constant chasing down of kids pretending their kid carts are racing cars).  As I put my 3 pints of grape tomatoes in the cart, my husband gave me his typical “what are you crazy” look.  I gave him the “what? I am just following the recipe” look back and after a bit of a discussion about the crazy amount of grape tomatoes I wanted to buy, I put back a pint.   Although, this caused me a bit of anxiety due to the fact that people with my skills in the kitchen should really just stick to the recipe (unless they are missing an ingredient and don’t feel like taking two grouchy kids to the store by themselves and determine good tasting food really is not worth it).

And so the experiment begins…

I started by chopping the vegetables… even though the recipe had to add them last.  Why?  It is simple, I am really bad at following directions (especially since I started chopping before I took the recipe out and looked at it).  I really think I have got this chopping thing down now.  I even tried to make the celery look fancy by cutting on the diagonal.  Points for presentation!

Since I chopped first, I put the veggies in a separate bowl and began actually following the recipe.  I am adding the ingredients into the bowl and I realize that I cannot find the horseradish.  I call to my husband who is outside grilling (since the horseradish was on his list) and he grimaces and tells me that he does not think Food Lion had any.  I find this statement a bit suspect, but proceed to look through the fridge to see if I can find a substitute (because I don’t feel like going to the grocery store).  I find creamed horseradish and decide it is better than anything and add it to the bowl.  Meanwhile, my wonderful guest looks apprehensive with this switch, but like I said she has a reason to be apprehensive.  When I get to the vodka, I decide to just set aside a bowl of tomatoes and celery for the kids and go for it.  At this point, I have given up on following the recipe and decide a splash is good enough.  After wisking the ingredients together, I tossed it with the tomatoes and celery and plated it.

I am happy to say that it actually tasted good.  Very crowd pleasing!  I think if you weed through all my commentary, you can figure out the recipe and try it yourself too.

I forgot to mention that on the page it said “Super Low Cal” so if you are watching your figure that would be another big plus!