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You heard it here first… Martha Stewart will soon be jumping on the bandwagon and people everywhere will be decorating with useless TVS. Thank goodness we have ample TVs to spare.  Yes, one thing my house does not lack in are unused TVs and old unused computers.  Of course, my husband does intend to get rid of them.  The TV featured in the article was placed on Craig’s list 2 years ago, but unfortunately never sold.  When I ventured to say we should just give it to Goodwill versus letting it take up space in the play room, my husband posted it again.  In the meantime, I intend to start a new interior decorating craze.

So, Let’s see the before picture….

I decided to revamp the playroom yesterday.  I worked in the playroom all day weaning out items that don’t get played with, working in another of the useless TVs that had made a home in the corner of the office, and trying to consolidate the kids stuff to the playroom only.  I told him the TV needed to go and asked him to help me load it into the car.  He told me it was too heavy and he was going to sell it.  With the playroom finished, I turned to the foyer now a maze of junk to go to Goodwill and wait for it… a big heavy TV the as the crown jewel.  After organizing the stuff to give away (making that trip to Goodwill today) I still have the TV to consider.  It really did not make any great interior design statements where my husband put it.  So, I decided that I should go with the trend and make it a part of the room in a dramatic fashion.

I thought maybe it could be a vase like art piece.  What is the saying?  Flowers can brighten up any room?

It was not really working for me… not sure if it a big enough statement piece.  I thought maybe it could be a practical piece.  I imagine myself welcoming guests… “please place your coats on our avante garde coat rack…yep, just lay them on top.”

No, without a little paint and maybe an actual coat rack attached it did not say  anything other than useless TV.  So I got even more creative, and threw aside the up and coming trend of letting the TV be the showcase and decided that I needed to add color.  I also continued to thing practically.  The curved top is a real problem… You would have thought TV makers would have considered this downfall when designing it.  They should have considered that one day this TV would be left in a foyer and the curved top would not lend itself additional uses as a table.

So, I pushed the thing next to my front door and decided it could serve as a place to put backpacks and other stuff.  I got our a tablecloth and covered it so it would add color to the space and threw the book bags on top.

I decided it needs a bit something more…

A basket!  Well, that curved top caused a bit more problems.  The basket kept falling backwards.  Looking around I noticed that there was a nap mat sitting in the office with The Boy’s Kindergarten back to school supplies, and thought it may be the ticket (especially since my husband swore he was going to sell the TV in no time).  The mat added just enough lift for the basket.  I still feel like something is missing, but this will do for now.

So, if you have a useless TV sitting around, don’t be afraid to use it and join me in trend setting.