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So we found the culprit. It was a poor mouse. It had crawled into an old carseat and I guess got stuck. I don’t really know since my husband found it early this morning. Of course, he thought this meant he got out of cleaning the garage.
If a mouse could find a home in there, then that tells me that the garage needs cleaning out. So after 8 trips to the dump, the garage is finally looking less cluttered and smells a whole lot better too. I felt bad throwing a lot of the stuff away, but if I had not noticed a need for the item in 5 years then it probably does not need to continue being stored.
One thing that I loved doing today was using the “too good to throw away” shelter at the dump. It is an area at our dump that you could put items that others might want instead of throwing them in the dumpster.
I got rid of 3 strollers, some old dishes and a lot of kids ride on toys. I met a nice man there with his young daughter who took two of the strollers, and the smile on the little girls face when she found the toy doll I had placed there was priceless. I went on to give them some other toys later on and he told us that he would love it if we called him if we had any electrical needs since he was an electrician. The whole experience made me so happy to live in my little town (technically it is a suburb, but it still has a lot of small town feel).
There is still lots of work to be done on the garage, but it is mostly organization at this point. Hopefully, now there will be no place that little critters will want to go to. I don’t think I can handle another dead mouse.