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Part of being a domestic goddess is looking fabulous, right?  I mean the best domestic goddesses look perfect even after cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, and cooking dinner.  This is an area that I need quite a bit of help with… On a good day, I will wear make up and my hair will not be frizzy and squished into a bun to calm it down.  A lot of my friends who are true domestic goddesses also have great figures even after 2-4 kids.  Not me, no my body has not bounced back and unlike some of my domestic goddess friends the gym has never been a favorite hang out of mine.

I have luckily started losing weight, but I still got about 15 to 20 more pounds to go before I reach “before baby” weight.  So I happened upon “Tummy Tanks” on sale at Zulily.com.  These babies usually run about $35 but I got them for the same price as normal tank tops (so I consider that a deal).  I needed new tank tops anyway.  I tried it out for the first time yesterday.  I got “Tummy Tanks” brand, but there are a host of other brands out there… Yummie Tummie Tanks, Icon Magic, and a Miracle suit one.  They range in price from 80 some dollars to $15 depending on the brand.  I can’t speak for the other brands though, since this is my first time trying out the whole tummy control thing.

One thing about these tops are that they are intended to be worn as an undergarment.  I tend to not wear tank tops by themselves, rather I wear them under shirts that are low cut (since I do not have the boobs to fill out these types of garments) and under my kinda see through tops.  For the purpose, of an undergarment it worked out well.  The thin strapped tank has adjusters to the straps and so I did not have a problem with the straps falling down.  The one thing I hate is for tank tops to ride up, and that was a concern.  Thankfully it stayed put all day.  Score!

Now unfortunately, it did not make me look like this lovely model here… I did not look like I lost 30 pounds by putting it on, but it did take away that lovely muffin top I have been sporting, so I consider that a win.  So my verdict is that I LOVE it. For $15 or so dollars it was a great buy.  Now, I will just have to see how these babies hold up to washing.