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We got back from our trip to Disney World last night… really late.
I was a bit worse for wear… and so when I entered the garage and smelled something bad, I did not feel like investigating.
This morning the smell was still there. It smells dead. Now our garage is a storage facility. It has lots of things that need to go to the dump, things that need to be fixed or refurbished, and things my husband and I need to take to the attic (but are too lazy to carry up there). There are also things that belong in the garage, but really there are not too many of those. The cars are parked in the driveway due to the fact that they would not fit. Needless to say, finding the culprit to the odor will be a weekend long activity.
When I mentioned to my husband that the garage smelled like something died in it… he said he thought it was the trash bag that was left in the garage before we left and promptly took it to the trashcan and left the doors open to air out the smell. Alas, the smell is still there. My guess is that something literally died in there. He has finally agreed with me.
So stay tuned to find out what the smell is… my guess is one of the field mice came into the garage and never left.
The bonus will hopefully be a clean garage or at least a relatively clean garage.