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I have been testing out meal planners and last week the system worked well… this week not so much. I sent my husband to the store and he was not able to get several items which meant I ended up not having the ingredients for the recipes I chose. I through out the whole week. Thus today I could not decide what to make for dinner. I found some flank steak in the freezer and dethawed it and looked for a recipe. I decided to try one by Rachel Ray for Ginger Flank Steak with Wasabi Smashed Potatoes.

As I looked in the fridge, I realized I still had about three forth of a bottle of Ginger Soy Wasabi Marinade so I decided I would just make the Wasabi Smashed Potatoes. I did have to run to the store, but I was excited to try the recipe out. I have never made mashed potatoes that did not come in flake form. The recipe seemed pretty straight forward and I figured it was worth the try.
All went well in the beginning, I did a great job with peeling the potatoes. No injuries is always a great thing. I did mess up a bit with the recipe and did not realize that the boiling came after the potatoes were in the water, so I did get splashed with some pretty hot water as I put the potatoes in, but nothing too serious.
I probably could use a lessen in “finely” chopping though, my scallions were pretty beat up in the end, but thankfully the cilantro masked the scallions enough that it did not look that bad.
When the potatoes were done, the recipe called for the use of a “masher.” We used to have one… I know we did. Of course, I had no idea where it was considering I never needed it for my mashed potatoes made from the flakes. I decided I must have used it somewhere else in the house, maybe a stamp for the kids to use for painting, or maybe I used it in the garden or sandbox. Wherever it was, it was not in the kitchen, but I did find this…

I am not sure what the technical name for it is, maybe a tenderizer (in our house it is mostly used when I have to smash things in bags such as peppermints for a topping for ice cream), so I will call it “The Smasher”. It worked fairly well if you like your mashed potatoes on the chunkier side… which luckily we do.
I added about a teaspoon of wasabi (figuring that the kids would not tolerate the pototoes if they were too spicy) and added a bit more salt once I plated it.
They really turned out well, in my humble opinion. My husband said he was pretty impressed and thought it was good. It took a bit longer than I anticipated, so unfortunately I never actually got to eat it. I had to leave for Bunco, so I will try the meal out for lunch tomorrow.

The finished product… (check out my cilantro garnish… of course my presentation could have been a bit better with the scallion topping)