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We are a family that likes to take pictures. One of my favorite things is my digital SLR camera (with its telephoto lens). So, when my kids told me they wanted a camera, my husband and I were excited to pass them our old camera to use so that they too could love capturing moments through the art of photography.
I finally downloaded the pictures they took. Boy, were they interesting (although probably only to me). There were action shots like this one of The Boy’s butt…

Some pictures from The Boy’s soccer game, or rather a close up of his preferred soccer footwear…

There were also picture of the kids going to the bathroom, which I can only assume were revenge shots.  The first one was of The Boy, and a few shots later were pictures of The Girl very angry on the toilet.  I will not post due to its content, but I did threaten to keep them to show their perspective boyfriends and girlfriends (really I am not going to, but OH is it fun to mess with The Girl).

The shots I think were particularly interesting showed my house as it can often be.  Cluttered and Chaotic.  When I take pictures, I am very careful of what is in the background.  You got to consider the whole composition of the shot, right?

I also do this because I do not want a picture of our clutter, nor do I want someone to happen upon a sweet picture of my kids with clutter in the background.  It is the same drive that makes me run around the house and stash the clutter in every hidden crevice before people come over (an act that my husband does not understand since “people actually live here!”)   Thus, the kids’ shots show the true state of our house in all its wonderful glory.  I like to consider them as exhibit 1 and 2 for why I decided to stay home and make my family and home the priority.  Now, please do not be too appalled!  I promise you that in 1-2 months I am hoping shots like these will not happen again (although right now… it is better but not gone).

Exhibit 1: My desk… and look my wonderful camera made an appearance.  I think it did at least, it looks like it could be under the book or papers… hmmm, maybe it is just the strap.

Exhibit 2: That little space in the kitchen… I am sure in someone else’s house it is a wonderful space to show off their belongings, but for us… it is our catch all clutter spot. Actually, my favorite part of the picture is the blue painter’s tape that my husband left there because he did not feel like painting it the day we painted the kitchen and then never got back to paint that area.

I don’t know when these pictures were taken, but I know that they did help me to see that I have made some progress in the last month.

There is still much to do, but slowly but surely it is headed away from the domestic devastation it was in.