Given this is a new website, I don’t think there was many people that missed out on my posts. Even so, I thought I should share why I dropped off the face of the earth though.
I must be losing my mind a bit, but I could not remember my password. Total mommy brain. WordPress help was down for the weekend, so I had to wait until they were up and running again before I could ask (since I could not figure it out). The Help people were great though, and now I am in business (until I forget my user name again, that is).
I have been very busy with projects… a little teaser for what is to come. This stay at home mom thing keeps me as busy as I was with work!
Some days, like today I just want to crawl back and bed and start over.
Anyway, if you popped on here and you are thinking “hmm… I wonder if she will ever write another post.” The answer is yes.