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So I had 2 things on my to do list today…
1. Clean the house and get some stuff put away (since we just got back from a trip).
2. Get the kids fish tanks set up. We got a tank for each of the kids rooms.

So I got the tanks and last minute details like gravel and fake plants, and while I was there I told the kids to go ahead and pick out their fish (mistake # 1). What I failed to remember is what a pain fish tanks are to set up. So since I got the fish, I was forced to get the tanks done.
Thinking back to number one on my to do list… I need to get things put away, well instead I just added to the mess.

I turned the kids bathroom into a war zone of boxes, and blue powder as I attempted to clean the dust of the gravel. The gravel that was the big culprit was a blue/green mix for the girl’s tank.
I rinsed and rinsed this gravel and the water kept running blue. I started off rinsing the gravel with our spaghetti strainer, but the gravel would slip through the wholes and I was afraid that the gravel would clog the sink. So I started straining it through a towel (which the gravel liked to stick to so it was great trying then to transfer it to the fish tank. Even after all that, when I thought I was done, I poured the treated water into the tank and the water turned a dark shade of blue. So I walked with the tank down the hall and proceeded to rinse the gravel more… this time in the tub. So now the tub is covered with a light coating of blue now too, matching the double sinks. Thank god, The Boys black gravel was super easy to rinse or I might have lost my mind.
The fish are now happy in their tanks with clear water. The bathroom… not so happy.
Lesson learned, if your aim is to clean the house… setting up new fish tanks is not a good idea or at least go with the more expensive gravel (if the bag looks clouded and covered in blue dust… skip it).