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I love Tastefully Simple*. I lived by their mixes to get me through pot luck dinners and parties where I had to bring something yummy to share.
My staple was their Key Lime Cheese ball. It was always a crowd pleaser and I could make it in less than 15 minutes the night before (without any cooking involved) and then grab it as I ran from work to wherever I needed to be.
So at the last party I went to, the consultant challenged me to try another product the Absolutely Almond Pound Cake Mix ($6.69). Hmm… This would require the use of an oven… I have one of those things, but I only use it to cook pre-made chicken nuggets. I ended up taking her up on her challenge.
Yesterday, I noted that the Blackberries were a great deal (food lion- 2 for $4), so I thought I would treat my family to a yummy dessert. I picked up some whipped cream and decided it was about time to try that mix out.
The mixing part was pretty easy… 3/4 cup of butter (check!), water (check!). It even said that it is OK if it stayed a bit lumpy, which is a good thing. Of course, as I transferred it I noticed a good part of the mix wasn’t mixed in, so I had to pour it back in the bowl and mix it some more.
I popped it in the oven for 57 minutes (55 was just not enough). It smelled devine. I could not resist cutting off a piece while it was still warm and eating it!
After cutting some slices of it, I just topped with some blackberries and whipped cream and served. It was a hit with the whole family.

My Decision:
I love it!
I will be picking up multiple boxes at the next home show (hopefully one of my friends will host one soon). I love stockpiling the mixes so that I have something on hand when those parties pop up and I need something to bring. I think I may have found another favorite potluck treat.
The only downfall is that the mix is $6.69 and you do usually have to pay for shipping, so my dessert was roughly $10 to make (since I had the butter already). Not the cheapest dessert, but due to the ease of use, it is a great option for those of us that want to pretend we are good cooks.

*If you have never heard of the company before it is a company that sells mixes for food products, spice mixes, and other yummy treats designed to make cooking quick and easy. They sell their products through home parties and private consultants.