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They say that life is a journey… or a roller coaster… well you know what I mean.  The big thing to remember is to enjoy it!

After working with other peoples’ kids, I realized that I had little to nothing left for my own.  I had almost nothing left at the end of the day for my husband too.  My house was a wreck 6 of the 7 days of the week and I had no time or energy to think about cleaning it, let alone pick up a mop and do it.

So, when my husband started talking about needing to travel more for his job… I started to freak out.  What would we eat, considering he was the one who cooked in this house?  Who would take turns with me giving the kids baths and putting them to bed when I had to stay up late writing reports.  Yep, something needed to change.  We needed a change.  I needed a change.

So now, here I am embarking on a new career… Stay at home mom/ Domestic Goddess.  There is only one problem.  I have not had a lot of on the job training.  I have wonderful examples to follow, considering some of my friends are the best homemakers and stay at home moms I have ever seen.  My husband does not think I can do it, and I am a bit worried myself.

So I am chronicling my new journey and my successes and, well, my failures as I throw myself into being a domestic goddess.  This should be an interesting ride…so to speak.